Market Insights & Analysis from Kramer Capital Research

Market Insights & Analysis from Kramer Capital Research

Not A Crash, Just A ‘Hot Money Correction’

May 7, 2021

While every day on Wall Street is impossible to predict, professional investors soon learn to trust certain statistical rules of thumb. That’s worth remembering as we watch the post-pandemic market twist. When the market greets an economic speed bump with cheers, sentiment has drifted a long way from the usual fundamentals. And the rules of […]

No Need To ‘Sell in May’ This Year, But Feel Free to Step Away

April 30, 2021

Every year, the television networks want to know if we’re selling in May and then going away until the summer is over. It’s a trick question. Yes, summer was historically a slow season on Wall Street and, yes, the market looks especially unlikely to provide an attractive risk-adjusted return in the next few months. But […]

Will Taxes and Inflation Kill the Bull Market In The Cradle?

April 23, 2021

After a brief lull, Wall Street’s mood is once again swinging between extremes. I think the bulls still have the upper hand, but the margin of error is getting thinner day by day. There’s a lot of talk about rolling corporate income tax rates back up and even raising the highest capital gains tax to […]

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Big Stock Wins

Stock NameDays HeldProfit
Sirius XM Radio344136.6%
Medical Action Industries51107.9%
Dot Hill Systems777.80%

Big Option Wins

Stock NameDays HeldProfit
Tempur Sealy International19243.4%
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals7131.4%


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