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Is Wall Street Heading Over a Cliff? It Could Be Time for a Gut Check

April 9, 2021

Is Wall Street heading over a cliff? Maybe not, but it could be time for investors to take a gut check. Bear markets are easy to analyze, while bona fide bull markets are only a little more complicated. But for most investors, the real test of patience comes when stocks move sideways, without much clear […]

Stay Defensive and Avoid This $10 Billion Hedge Fund Mistake

April 2, 2021

When I was new on Wall Street, a group of hedge fund managers called the Tiger Cubs ruled the world.  Last week, one of them washed out spectacularly, wiping out a $10 billion career in the process. I want you to know that you can avoid repeating that mistake if you keep your eyes open […]

Wall Street Has Finally Broken Its Big Tech Addiction

March 26, 2021

The U.S. economy has everything it needs to come back from the pandemic with a boom. Vaccines are coming as the virus recedes. Pent-up demand is building on robust retail sales. And corporate earnings throughout much of the market are on the way back up. We haven’t seen growth forecasts like this since the 2017 […]

Interest Rates Add Spice to What’s Already a Stock Picker’s Paradise

March 19, 2021

To hear some investors talk, you’d think Treasury yields above 1.7% were a clear sign of the end of the world approaching. But history proves it takes a lot more than this to shake Wall Street’s confidence. Late in 2019, when volatility was unusually low and there were few clouds on the market horizon, bonds […]

Big Tech Is No Longer the Key to Triple-Digit-Percentage Profits; These Stocks Are

March 12, 2021

Talk on Wall Street lately has turned to whether it’s the end of the world. After all, the Nasdaq is down 7% from its peak and long-term interest rates are inching higher. On the surface, it seems like the wrong season to be talking about stocks handing investors triple-digit-percentage gains, but that is exactly why […]

Tough Talk, Kids: This Is Not A #StockMarketCrash

March 5, 2021

I see the day traders on social media are spreading the hashtag #stockmarketcrash. They evidently think that this is the end of the world. Maybe from their perspective, it is. But, all I see on Wall Street is a traffic jam of conflicting signals. Let’s cut through that noise. Long-term interest rates at this level […]

The Biggest Bubble and The Biggest Bargains Are Emerging Side by Side

February 26, 2021

This week was a great litmus test for determining what kind of investor you really are. Was it just a speed bump or did it feel like the wheels were coming off Wall Street? There’s no wrong answer. Depending on where you are in the market, this is the worst of times and the best […]

Statistics Reveal Just How Wild the Robinhood Rampage Got

February 19, 2021

Three weeks into February, many investors are still wincing at the wild market conditions that erupted last month when Robinhood account holders — high on stimulus checks — declared war on the hedge fund establishment. Trading conditions occasionally got a little wild, triggering flashbacks to the sudden COVID-19 crash nearly a year ago. As a […]

The Pandemic Was One Small Step Back For Wall Street, One Big Year Forward

February 12, 2021

If you blinked, you missed it. Corporate profits have nudged back above the level we saw a year ago. The growth trend is back, alive and well. That’s a real achievement. Through all the shocks we’ve absorbed in the past 12 months, companies on the S&P 500 are now making more money than they were […]

Wall Street Rollercoaster Rides Coming Again: Buckle Your Belts

February 5, 2021

The aftershocks from the recent day trader rampage are receding now, but the CBOE Volatility Index or “VIX” remains a little elevated from what I consider comfortable levels. In fact, the VIX hasn’t traded in normal statistical territory since Feb. 24, 2020, when COVID-19 cases started to bloom across the United States and the pre-pandemic […]

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