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KTIE-AM590San BernardinoCASAT 7P-8P

KSEI-AM103.3PocatelloIDSAT 6A-7A

Affiliate Frequency City State Time
WNYM-AM 970 Hackensack NJ SUN 9P-10P
KRLA-AM 870 Glendale CA SAT 9P-10P
WYLL-AM 1160 Chicago IL SAT 6P-7P
KNTH-AM 1070 Houston TX SAT 9P-10P
WWRC-AM 570 Washington DC SAT 6A-7A, SAT 6P-7P
WGKA-AM 920 Atlanta GA SAT 4P-5P
WROL-AM 950 Boston MA SAT 6A-7A
KLFE-AM 1590 Seattle WA SAT 5P-6P
KKNT-AM 960 Phoenix AZ SAT 8P-9P
KDIZ-AM 1570 Golden Valley MN SUN 3P-4P
KYCR-AM 1440 Golden Valley MN SAT 11A-12N
KCBQ-AM 1170 San Diego CA SAT 9P-10P
WGUL-AM 860 Dunedin FL SAT 8P-9P
KBNP-AM Portland OR FR 10A-11A
KLUP-AM 930 Terrill Hills TX SAT 7P-8P
KTIE-AM 590 San Bernardino CA SAT 7P-8P
KTKZ-AM 1380 Sacramento CA SAT 6A-7A
KJJC-AM 1230 Murray UT SAT 6A-7A
WPGP-AM 1250 Pittsburgh PA SUN 7P-8P
WORL-AM 950 Altamonte Springs FL SUN 9A-10AP
KMZQ-AM 670 Las Vegas NV SAT 6p-7p
WHK-AM 1420 Cleveland OH SAT 6P-7P
WTOH-FM 98.9 Upper Arlington OH SAT 4P-5P
WTOH-FM HD1 98.9 Upper Arlington OH SAT 4P-5P
WJFN-AM 820 Chester VA SAT 7P-8P
WJFN-FM 100.5 Goochland VA SAT 7P-8P
WGTK-FM 94.5 Greenville SC SUN 6P-7P
KHNR-AM 690 Honolulu HI SAT 7A-8A
KXKS-AM 1190 Albuquerque NM SAT 6A-7A
WLSS-AM 930 Sarasota FL SAT 8P-9P
KZNT-AM 1460 Colorado Springs CO SAT 5P-6P
KDXE-FM 101.1 Cammack Village AR SUN 12N-1P
WETB-AM 790 Johnson City TN SAT 8A-9A
WCTL-HD2 106.3 North East PA SAT 9A-10A
WZTE-AM 1530 North East PA SAT 9A-10A
WSCW-AM 1410 South Charleston WV SUN 11P-12M
WETB-FX (W229DH) 93.7 Johnson City TN SAT 8A-9A
KCBQ-FX (K241CT) 96.1 Oceanside CA SAT 9P-10P
KHNR-FX (K232FL) 94.3 Honolulu HI SAT 7A-8A
KHOB-AM 1390 Hobbs NM SAT 8P-9P
KJJC-AM (K260DR) 99.9 Murray UT SAT 6A-7A
KNTH-FX (K277DE) 103.3 Houston TX SAT 9P-10P
KOMT-FM 93.5 Lake View AR SUN 3P-4P
KPOP-HD3 94.3 McAlester OK SAT 8P-9P
KSEI-AM 930 Pocatello ID SAT 6A-7A
KSEI-FX (K25DD) 98.9 Pocatello ID SAT 6A-7A
KZNT-FX (K266CK) 101.1 Colorado Springs CO SAT 5P-6P
WABN-FX (W290BI) 790 Blountville TN SAT 8A-9A
WABN-FX (W281CF) 104.1 Blountville TN SAT 8A-9A
WAVA-FM HD3 105.1 Warrenton VA SAT 6A-7A, SAT 6P-7P
WCTL-HD2X (W290BI) 105.9 North East PA SAT 9A-10A
WEBJ-AM 1240 Brewton AL SAT 8P-9P
WGUL-FX (W222DJ) 93.7 Dunedin FL SAT 8P-9P
WJBT-HD3 93.3 Atlantic Beach FL SAT 6P-7P
WJBT-HD3X (W262AG) 100.3 Atlantic Beach FL SAT 6P-7P
WJFN-AX (W224EB) 92.7 Chester VA SAT 7P-8P
WLSS-FX (W229BR) 93.7 Bayshore Gardens FL SAT 8P-9P
WLSS-FX (W276CR) 103.1 Bradenton FL SAT 8P-9P
WNWF-AM 1470 Evergreen AL SAT 8P-9P
WORL-FX (W288CJ) 101.5 Orlando FL SUN 9A-10A
WPGP-FX (W223CS) 92.5 Pittsburgh PA SUN 7P-8P
WQEE-FM LP 99.1 Newnan GA SAT 11A-12P
WRCW-AM 1250 Warrenton VA SAT 6A-7A, SAT 6P-7P
WROL-FX (W262CV) 100.3 Boston MA SAT 6A-7A
WSCW-FX (W287CB) 105.3 South Charleston WV SUN 11P-12M
WSGQ-FM 103.3 Columbia AL SAT 9P-10P
WWDX-AM 1530 Huntingdon TN SAT 2P-3P
WWNS-AM 1240 Statesboro GA SAT 1P-2P
WWNS-FX (W299CT) 107.7 Statesboro GA SAT 1P-2P
WZTE-FX (W277DS) 103.3 North East PA SAT 9A-10A

October 11, 2019

October 11, 2019

October 4, 2019

October 4, 2019
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