Fellow Investor,

Are you missing out on all the money being made as this rally continues to roar?

I hope not. The sheer magnitude of wealth pouring into investors’ accounts is stunning. A record $684.6 billion flowed into ETFs and mutual funds in 2017, with $220 billion in buy-and-hold stocks.

What does that record mean to you? Here’s the main result: Last year alone, the Dow was up 25%.

With this impressive market momentum, the 9-year bull market is becoming the biggest rally in history.

But, even as big as 2017’s gains were, investors using my Millionaire Maker system made these returns look puny.

We banked 16 wins, averaging 13.4% gains, with just four small losses. Now, I’ll take 16 wins averaging double-digit returns over a single 25% annual gain every time.

And this year’s even better. At today’s writing, we’ve had 13 wins averaging 15.38%… with just one loss.

Now, why am I bringing up our track record?

Because all it takes is an average of one double-digit gain per month…

$5,000 to invest in a small number of investments…

And you can string those wins together to bring in a cool $1 million, in just 5 years.

That is my goal for each and every one of my subscribers. Just as it will be my goal for you.

So it’s no wonder that, when I talk to my readers, many have plans to buy dream-homes or luxury cars… or go on world cruises… or they’re rapidly funding a rock-solid retirement even if they’ve spent decades without preparing.

A million bucks in just five years makes up for a lot of lost time.

Readers tell me it’s like someone suddenly opened the floodgates to torrents of money… And the cash is piling into people’s portfolios every month on average, with up to a 15.38% return.

Sure, we’re benefiting from the biggest bull market in history. But you still have to know the best ways to exploit ANY market condition. Even with last year’s 25% gain in the Dow…

How many people do you know who made a 25% increase in their wealth in 2017?

My point is this: Many investors are making less than the market. But many are making more. I can show you how to use this amazing market momentum to make even more than the average annual market gain.

“Paid for Subscription
And Made $2,000 in
60 Days”

“I joined GameChangers less than 60 days ago. Not only did I close out trades that paid for the cost of my subscription, I netted $2,000 in profits!”

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Because in 10 minutes, you’ll know how to join the thousands of Americans making tens, even hundreds, of thousands of dollars from this rally… And you’ll also know the secret rules for how to rake in a million or more!

So, if you are barely keeping pace with the average market gain, or (worse!) sitting on the sidelines, not even invested, wondering when the market’s going to correct…

I have great news for you.

Throughout 2018, I guarantee you can supercharge your account with a new double-digit winner every month on average. In fact, that’s exactly my promise: “I’ll give you an average of one double-digit winner each month. That’s 12 double-digit winners on average every year!

Or the next year’s subscription fee is on me.

Now, you may be wondering if I’ll keep my word…

Sure, anyone can promise you something like 12 double-digit winners every year. But only results matter. So, please allow me to share a more complete track record with you:

Imagine how your portfolio would look today, with nearly seven years behind it, with at least one double-digit gain every month, on average.

So, what was I doing before 2011? Good question, and I have a good answer.

I was working as a private money manager, transforming investors into millionaires.

The more you get to know me, the more you’ll see how that’s my passion in life… transforming regular investors into millionaires.

It’s what I do. It’s what I’ve been doing for over two decades.

And now I want to share my method for doing that with you — absolutely free of charge — in an easy-to-use blueprint called, Three Double-Digit GameChangers to Kick-Start Your 5-Year Million-Dollar Retirement Portfolio.

Becoming a millionaire in just five years is astonishingly fast. But here’s the best part:

You don’t need much money to begin generating an actual million-dollar retirement.

I used it on my own account to become a millionaire by age 30.

I used it as a high-stakes trader for 20 years on Wall Street.

I used it when I built a $1 billion fund into a $5.2 billion giant.

And there’s no reason you and I can’t use it on your account. It works. And I’ve spent the last 4 years doing just that.

Plus, when you’re being carried along by the momentum of history’s biggest bull market ever, it only makes sense to exploit it the best way you can.

So if you want to know what really lights this girl’s fire, get ready to start stuffing some wild wins into your portfolio, because…

12 Double-Digit Wins A Year 
Can Make You a 5-Year Millionaire!

It’s easier than you may think…

Even averaging the smallest double-digit gain of 10% every month, for 12 months, adds up to a 120% annual gain.

If you’re anything like me — and I suspect you are — you may hate it when people say, “Do the math.”

I know I can’t stand it. So, I’m going to suggest we do this together. Let’s look at some very basic figures so you can see how quickly you can turn a small account into a million dollars.

Okay, here we go:

  1. First, you start with an initial investment of $5,000 in a small number of investments
  2. Second, you close out an average of one 10% gainer per month.
  3. Next, you string together a minimum of 12 of these every year.
  4. More importantly, you agree to reinvest all of your gains every month instead of spending them.
  5. Here’s how closing out 12 double-digit investments with $5,000 in each stacks up at the end of each year:

Year 1: $15,692

Year 2: $49,248

Year 3: $154,563

Year 4: $485,086

Year 5: $1,522,408

See how very realistic and simple it is for you to become a millionaire. It can happen faster than you may ever have dreamed possible.

Riding on the momentum of the biggest bull market in history…

Even if you have a small account, if you double your investing money every year and compound your winnings, then you’ll know…

Why Becoming A Retirement Millionaire Is
Now Entirely Possible For You

My free ($97 value) blueprint, Three Double-Digit GameChangers to Kick-Start Your 5-Year Million-Dollar Retirement Portfolio is not just a catchy phrase. It can be your future if you simply claim it.

In just five years of more than doubling your money every year, and compounding it by reinvesting your wins…

You could start with a mere $5,000 in a handful of trades — and grow that into $1,522,408 — in just five years!

It all starts with you getting one double-digit winner a month… and stringing 12 of those double-digit winners together in a year.

Believe it or not, Wall Street laughed at me when I first unveiled this plan. But when I retired a millionaire at the tender age of 30…

They stopped laughing. Now they listen.

But what I have to say next is for you, not them. I’m going to give you a jump-start on your first string of double-digit wins, with:

“Three Double-Digit GameChangers to
Kick-Start Your 5-Year Million-Dollar
Retirement Portfolio!”

I’m going to GIVE you a ($97 value) FREE report that shows you three “GameChanger” stocks I’ve got in my sights to make you double-digit returns.

Just think of it as a “down payment” on the 12 I’ll be giving you in the next 12 months.

How to Pick a 
When I find a GameChanger for my readers, it must have a commanding advantage over its competition… and it must be rewriting the rules of its industry.

So, a GameChanger is more than a soaring stock… Or a rising trend.

A GameChanger is a mega-trendsetter so strong it changes the way we live. Usually a GameChanging stock will muscle its entire sector upwards.

In fact, a GameChanger has such raw power, it magnetically pulls in investment capital from other sectors, boosting its rise exponentially.

Inside a GameChanger is a catalyst. An agent of dramatic change. Something that drives it above the competition. Something that gives it an unfair advantage.

Apple changed the game with its iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Yet they are experiencing the lifecycle of a GameChanger. A GameChanger only dominates for a few years, then it declines… still a player, but not a “choice of one.”

Like Henry Ford’s Model T. IBM’s Personal Computer. Microsoft’s Windows.

Ford, IBM, and Microsoft are still around… for now. But the investors who got rich were the ones who got in on the ground floor.

That’s exactly the opportunities I find for my readers with GameChangers.

I get you into a GameChanger early, before other investors take notice. Because, once these companies start to grow, the herd rushes in and starts buying, which, in turn, drives up the share price further. Then we sell at the peak, taking our profits.

So, getting in on the ground floor of a GameChanger, my friend, is how you become a retirement millionaire.

But first, allow me to tell you what a GameChanger is. Because it’s how we get these monthly double-digit winners.

A GameChanger is a mega-trendsetter so strong it changes the way we live. Usually a GameChanging stock will muscle its entire sector upwards, driven by strong catalysts that give it a competitive advantage.

Today, I’ve cherry-picked three of my favorite trend-setting GameChangers across diverse sectors.

They are perfectly positioned to take advantage of this raging bull market, the largest in history.

And I would like to share the three companies with you that are breaking new ground in their respective industries.

Let’s take a closer look as I introduce GameChanger #1:

The “Amazon” of
Sports Drinks

Now you can get fit… by drinking something! That’s making this beverage all-the-rage across America.

It’s the ultimate weight control product, and an answer to the prayers of millions.

How does this work?

It’s called a “Fitness Drink.” And it’s “clinically proven to function.” What’s the proof?

It’s a “thermogenic” drink.

A thermogenic is something that produces heat through stimulating your metabolism. 

Now, there are only two ways a body burns fat: through increased heart rate and/or increased body temperature (thermogenesis). Drinking this beverage accelerates the burn, causing your fat cells to ignite and melt away. 

While other diet products claim to have thermogenic properties (instead, they only mix in caffeine) this company backs up their claim of true thermogenic properties with nearly 12 years of solid sales and impeccable service for their proprietary blend.

And their stock price increase proves it, making it look like the “Amazon of Sports Drinks,” up 1,540% in three and a half years:

That means a $5,000 investment would have turned into $82,000.

Now, does a 1,540% gain mean this stock’s rise is all done?

Not hardly. 

Amazon reached its 1,540% growth rate in 2003. That was hardly even a bump in the road on the way to 60 times that growth today.

Netflix reached its 1,540% growth rate in 2010… and it’s 20 times higher today.

I see a lot of upside for this innovative beverage. And your portfolio, too, if you hop on this profit train now.

In my recently updated special report, I’ll show you how to easily, quickly, and effortlessly get into this GameChanger that is growing at an astonishing rate.

But time is of the essence. You’ve got to get in soon. As prices continue to move up, you’ll miss the biggest returns.

This report is valued at $97, but it’s yours FREE today: Three Double-Digit GameChangers to Kick-Start Your 5-Year Million-Dollar Retirement Portfolio.

And I’m not even close to being finished. There’s another GameChanger you’ll want to put to work in your portfolio right away. It will put you well on your way to exploiting the biggest bull market in history.

Let me I introduce you to GameChanger #2:

An Urgent Play in a Zealous Market

There’s a good reason why this stock recently catapulted up 56.4% in three months (and why that’s only a fraction of its future gains):

But it’s a delicate matter. Here’s what I mean:

If you’ve been married to a woman going through menopause…

Or maybe you were around when your mom was going through “the change…”

Then you know the suffering it wreaks on a woman’s body.

That’s why my second recommendation is for a company whose drug eases one of the most painful side effects of this crucial time.

And since it directly addresses pain, I call it a “house-on-fire” product… one you’d immediately grab to take with you if your house started to catch fire.

With a drug that much in demand, it’s hard to go wrong with this company.

Now, the FDA just gave approval to their drug, which means its share price is starting to climb towards the sky.

Also, projected 2019 sales estimates of $130 million look conservative to me, and I believe the product will make a bigger splash.

That’s why I urge you to get in NOW, while you can be an early stage investor… while you ride the momentum of the biggest bull market in history.

But don’t dally on this one. This company’s gains could easily climb into triple-digit territory. You need to get this to expand your portfolio while it’s still cheap.

This is one of those rare opportunities where you can get in on the ground floor of a company that’s on the verge of breaking out.

Download my latest special report to get the full story on this innovative pioneer before it’s too late. This report is valued at $97, but it’s yours FREE today: Three Double-Digit GameChangers to Kick-Start Your 5-Year Million-Dollar Retirement Portfolio.

Let me give you a quick preview as I introduce you to GameChanger #3:

Buy the Dip in an American Icon

This company suffered recently from trade war threats.

It’s taken a dip.

But my research says it’s a slam-dunk to rebound quickly…

So, there’s a lot of growth coming, making it a classic “buy-the-dip” scenario.

We made a profit in this automotive giant earlier…

And the recent market weakness is offering us another opportunity to jump back in.

The stock recently corrected, but it’s found good support. The real story is their rebound.

They’ve gone on a massive waste and spending-cut campaign. And it’s paying off…

Wall Street likes how their revenue is ticking higher… and their current dividend payout is a whopping 5.4%. 

Besides cutting expenses, the new CEO has a 2-point plan that should explode profits into the stratosphere:

  1. Production Shift: Slashing sedan production in favor of high-margin SUVs and trucks, giving a tremendous edge in profitability. In the next year and a half, the plan calls for nearly 90% of sales from high-profit crossovers, SUVs, and trucks.
  2. Technology Strategy: On the horizon is the launch of “Mobility Cloud.” This is a new market for them: supply-chain management for businesses. It will give subscribers real-time information about location and movement of goods and people to prove transportation information and supply-chain management. Expect to see a flood of subscriptions from shipping companies, municipalities, and manufacturers.

    It could be a gigantic move forward in mobile technology, and a massive revenue generator.

This company’s strong cash flow and fat-trimming will help fund these ambitions. And their recent management is disrupting the company in a good way.

Any cooling of the trade wars, which I believe is inevitable given political considerations heading into the mid-term elections, will give the stock a quick lift.

For today only, you can get the names of these three stocks in my special report ($97 Value): Three Double-Digit GameChangers to Kick-Start Your 5-Year Million-Dollar Retirement Portfolio.

I’d like to send you a copy for FREE with my compliments. All you need to do is…

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You can fear outliving your money, having to choose someday between being dependent on your kids — or the government — or of being broke and alone.

I’ve heard that some people think living in fear keeps them safe: they’re always on the lookout for danger, keeping them extra vigilant.

But it also keeps them in poverty.

Because, for anyone over 50, living in fear is a fast-track to the poorhouse, with growing taxes, inflation, and medical bills.

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Hilary Kramer 
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P.P.S. I may have been a little too optimistic on my timeline. Two of these ground-floor undervalued opportunities are already moving higher. Please, I urge you, don’t miss out on any of these high-profit opportunities.

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