You see, what’s inside this black box can already be found in 40 million homes.

It’s being built into 1 out of every 3 new smart TVs sold.

At last count, 30,000 of them are being sold each day.

And every one of them makes money every hour it is used.

Think about that… Every additional minute it’s used, it makes money.

Now that’s what I call the perfect business…

Recently, I spoke with a representative of this company, he told me that – as of now – this perfect business generates $2.30 per home for the company.

With 40 million homes in America, that’s $86 million.

Every single day.

As you might imagine, as the black box company began to dominate all sorts of industries, its shares shot skyward…

Look what happened from Dec. 17, 2018 to Sept. 3, 2019.

Shares absolutely soared… from $27.80 to $169.86!

That’s a 611% gain – more than 6X your money in only 9 months.

And that was just the start of what looked like a true hockey-stick chart in the making.

But then something happened… something that, although tragic, has a silver lining for you personally:

The pandemic hit. Like most other stocks, this company’s shares did a nosedive.

Not because it stopped serving people when the economy came to a grinding halt.

No, its shares sank because people panicked. 

They saw the market plunge and got out of everything as fast as they could.

A lot of good companies saw their shares crash.

Many of these companies are going to come roaring back.

And our black box company will be at the top of the list.

That’s why this is a very special opportunity that won’t last long.

As you can see below, the company’s shares rallied from a March 16 low of $63.84 to $103.96 as of June 3 close.

That’s up 62.8% from its March 16 low, as I write.

Clearly, the black box company is on a tear to regain the high ground.  

But, this time around, making 6X your money in less than a year will just be the start.


Because the pandemic did the opposite for this company than it did for most others.

It actually turned up the money spigot to 11 (FULL BLAST) on the black box revenue stream.

That’s right.

While many companies are losing millions or going out of business completely, this one is making millions more a day… because of the pandemic.

All because of what’s in this little black box.

In a minute, I’ll share what’s inside…

How it dominates one of today’s global SuperSectors

And why I’m convinced its shares are ready to move at least 6x higher, again.

But that’s not all I’m going to share today.

I’ll also reveal two more companies atop the new world SuperSector — they’re my SuperSector SuperStars. The first is like buying shares of Amazon 10 years ago, while the second is growing revenues 70% with the app of choice for 71.2 Millennials.

Both are GameChangers, and both are great opportunities.

I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let me tell you about The Biggest Profit Opportunity I’ve Ever Seen.

The Biggest/Richest Profit Opportunity
I’ve Ever Seen

The Biggest Profit Opportunity I’ve Even Seen is in the company that makes what’s in the black box on my desk.

I don’t say that lightly. I’ve been in the market more than 25 years now… I’ve made millions, billions, on some of the world’s biggest GameChangers.

But once you understand the scope of what I’m talking about, I think you’ll agree with me.

To begin, it is already a leader in one of the hottest post-virus parts of the markets there is: online streaming. You know the major players here…

Amazon Prime, Google (YouTube), Disney, Apple (FireTV), Netflix, Hulu… this list goes on and on. Think of the biggest names in online content, advertising, platform and device sales.

As the streaming wars heat up, some channels will win and some will lose.

Yet with the company I’m talking about, it doesn’t matter which company’s content wins, like Disney’s with Marvel and Pixar…

Or which independent channels thrive, like HBO or ESPN… and it doesn’t matter whose platform they use, like Sling or even Apple TV…

That’s because, to come to your living room TV, it has to go through what’s in this black box. 

And our company is the only one that makes it.

If you think that’s a huge advantage, indicating a great stock…

The black box company’s numbers bear that out.

Last year, analysts were expecting to see roughly 40% revenue growth. Instead, the company produced 50% growth!  

Also, last quarter, during the height of the pandemic lockdown, the company brought in close to $1 million a DAY more than even insiders expected.

We’ve all seen how the pandemic destroys companies. But here we are seeing the opposite.

The pandemic is literally responsible for $30 million more per month.

As impressive as that is, it’s just the beginning.

That’s because the black box device sales are just ONE of this company’s revenue streams.

And, truth be told, it doesn’t even make money from the device.

It practically gives them away at cost in order to get it into households.

That’s because the real money-making business of this company is online advertising… and the black box gives it a virtual monopoly on it.

Why? In order for content to be allowed through the black box, it’s stripped of all of its former advertising.

For example, if you’ve seen any classic movie on TNT or USA Network, it’s so bogged down with advertising that two hour movies clock in at four on those networks.

That’s gone. In its place is this company’s own advertising. Talk about a captive audience.

The numbers here are great. Advertising revenue is already twice as big as device sales, growing 70% a year – about half of that is pure profit.

Today, 40 million households use the device. That’s HUGE… but when you consider there are 128 million households in the U.S. alone, there’s still room to grow.

My research shows the company can triple its current household size before hitting a wall.

Triple the ad revenue from that… and that’s more than $400 million a quarter in profit.

Enough to support a $30 billion stock – or 3x the size of the company now.

Today, the company estimates each unit is used about 230 minutes a day. That’s $2.30 per unit, per day, in revenue.

Now multiply that figure by 40 million households and you get that whopping $86 million a day figure that I shared earlier!

And get this, that $2.30 figure (“platform revenue”) has DOUBLED over the past year… and looks to do even better in the year ahead.  

Are you starting to see why I think this is the biggest profit opportunity I’ve ever seen?

Good, because the story gets better… another huge reason why I like this company.

It has nothing to do with fundamentals or technicals, it has to do with dominance.

The Black Box Itself Has No Competitors

That’s right: the great thing about this company is its virtual monopoly on the technology streaming content into your home.

Even the online world’s biggest, baddest businesses can’t compete…

Amazon gave up on trying to develop its own competing device, acknowledging this company’s lead was too big to overtake.

And Apple?  

Remember the saying, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” That’s what happened here.

In the end, when Apple’s box cost 3-4X more than this company’s, it threw in the towel on competing. Apple made an agreement to share its shows through the black box.

When’s the last time you heard about a smaller company standing up to both Amazon and Apple, and winning?

And cable companies as competition? Forget it. Their days are numbered.

Viewership is shrinking as customers race to newer, cheaper platforms.

Cable is seeing the content they had a stranglehold on for decades, from iconic channels like HBO, ESPN, TNT, ABC, FOX, become available online at a fraction of the cost. 

Advertisers see this, so of course they’re racing to capture their share of the new online market.  

Where are they turning? 

Where else but to the little black box company that’s already in 40 million homes, adds 30,000 new users a day, and offers ad rates at a fraction of the cost of cable or network TV?

That’s why I think This Is the Biggest Profit Opportunity That I’ve Ever Seen.

I’ve gathered all the research I have on it, and put it into a brand-new special report that I want to give you for FREE.

It’s called: The Biggest Profit Opportunity I’ve Ever Seen.

If you’d like to get your hands on a copy immediately, just click here.

You’ll go straight to an order page. Fill it out and you’ll have access to the report in minutes. It’s that easy.

But I’d stick around if I were you.

You see, The Biggest Profit Opportunity I’ve Ever Seen is just the first of three GameChanger companies I’m recommending today.

The second company is revolutionizing the world of Etail.

Etail, or online retail, is the natural next step in the evolution of our economy.

It was already under way when the pandemic hit. When other industries buckled, the move to virtual shopping got turbo-charged.

It offers both a safe way to shop for those scared of crowds. 

And a lifeline for small businesses – Mom & Pops – a way to survive the pandemic, Walmart, Amazon – and whatever else is next.

That’s why it’s my first SuperSector SuperStar.

SuperSector SuperStar #1: 
Like Buying Amazon 10 Years Ago

Not to brag, but I’ve been pounding the table on this one since October 2017… long before the coronavirus turned our world upside down.

It reminds me of a young Amazon, but instead of concentrating on its own store and crushing independent retailers…

It provides a way for small, independent businesses to go online. Think of it as a picks and shovels stock for the internet. 

I recommended it two and a half years ago, because I recognized it a GameChanger even back then.

It was saving small businesses… providing an online refuge for Mom and Pop shops, safe from the Walmarts of the world.

Had you taken my advice then, and bought my first SuperStar, you would have already pocketed 627% in gains.

As great as this is, my research indicated so much more. 

Then the pandemic hit. 

Almost overnight, what had been a slow creep toward Etail suddenly accelerated to warp speed.

In the blink of an eye, companies that began offering online shopping and touchless transactions saw their revenues soar.

Today, Etail is stronger than ever.

Making the gains possible from my SuperSector SuperStar bigger than ever.  

How big can it get? Well, how big is Amazon?

Because right now, this company reminds me of Amazon 10 years ago. 

In fact, I recently told hundreds of attendees during one of my live, online events:

“It’s the mini Amazon… a backbone or turnkey solution to selling online, and to businesses too small to deal with Amazon or Apple.”

It used to be that, dealing with Amazon or Apple, meant bending the knee, kissing the ring and jumping through as many hoops as they told you to – just to get your products on their platforms.

Then, once there, you had to fork over fees from every sale made.

This company is changing all that.

On one hand, it’s offering a lifeline to U.S. small businesses – a way to transition brick and mortar stores to online… a way to save them.

And they’re going to be rewarded handsomely for it…

My research says sales are set to quintuple over the next five years.

As if to prove my point, shares responded like a champ since their March 16 low of $63.84. Take a look.

Yesterday’s close (as I write) was $104.38, a 65% rebound in just two and a half months.

New highs are on the horizon, I feel it.

On the other hand… the other thing the company’s doing to grow revenues is…

Diversifying, simply put.

It’s expanding in new directions by enticing consumer brands to bypass traditional retail, television, cable, print relationships and sell straight to this huge new online consumer base.

The campaign is taking off like gangbusters! 

Nestle, Pepsi, Kylie Kardashian… are all now powered by this company’s platform.

They see the future of Etail, and the huge potential this GameChanger offers them. 

What does it offer for investors today?

I can easily see shares doubling inside of a year, at this pace…

Better still, my research shows this company can keep that up for years to come… perhaps a decade.

Then it truly would be like buying Amazon 10 years ago.

If you like to learn the name of the company that’s like buying Amazon 10 years ago, you’ll find it in my brand new Special Report, along with all of my research…

It’s called SuperSector SuperStars: 2 Ways to Double Up in 2020.

And I’m going to give it to you for FREE today, right after I tell you about the second SuperStar stock you’ll find in this report…

SuperSector SuperStar #2:
 Bank On Millennials

My second Sector SuperStar is already an online payment giant, with 305 million customer accounts, another 22 million merchant accounts and a market cap over $175 billion.

If you’re asking yourself right now, “How can a company already that big offer GameChanger-sized profits?” 

The answer is two reasons. Here’s the first…

Here’s the second: Millennials

In the last two years, this company’s app has become the runaway favorite of America’s largest demographic group: Millennials. 

According to research by the Pew Research Group: As of 2019, there were 72.1 million Millennials, 71.6 million Baby Boomers and 65.2 million Gen X’ers.

The generation that preferred to use their phones for everything before the virus hit now has even more reason to stay virtual…

To stay away from germ-drenched, virus-infected cash and coins… and to avoid nasty credit card keypads used by hundreds daily. 

To stay safe.

The demand for online payment platforms was already reaching new highs prior to COVID-19. Now it’s through the roof. No wonder companies like Amazon, Visa, Apple and a host of the biggest names on the Street are now “all in” touchless transactions. 

Why wouldn’t they be when companies are able to skim an extra 3% off of every transaction using their app? Seems like there are 71+ million people who don’t mind that fee.

Old-school banks and credit card issuers would cheer to be able to introduce a whole new fee structure like that. But they can’t. This company already did.  

That’s important now, but will be more important every year that follows. I’m talking about brand loyalty. Think about your first credit card… still have one of those? I do…

This is just like a Millennial’s first credit card, and it’s going to be with them for decades. 

If any company is going to bounce back fast from the economic lock-down, it’s the one that makes money every time a Millennial uses its app.

Here’s how that’s worked out since the company’s shares bottomed out on March 23, 2020. At the time, they went for $85.26. Today, as I write, they’re $156 each!

That’s the power of having America’s largest demographic on your side. As fast as shares have already come back, there’s no doubt in my mind Millennials will power this company to a double by this time next year.

And if they’re anywhere near as brand loyal to this company’s app, we’re going to be making money for a generation.

You’ll get this company’s name and ticker symbol, along with those of The Company That’s Like Buying Amazon 10 Years Ago in my Special Report: SuperSector SuperStars: 2 Ways to Double Up in 2020.

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Hilary Kramer 
Editor, GameChangers