Fellow Investor,

I’m Hilary Kramer, and what I’m about to share with you is absolutely essential to both your personal and financial survival.

The coronavirus is driving a wedge of technology and culture through the heart of America, and it’s dividing our nation into two very different parts:

The haves, who are making the leap to the economy of the future… and the have-nots, who are left behind in dying industries as their wealth evaporates into thin air. 

It’s already happening all across the country… as the oil and travel sectors are abandoned, factories are shuttered, workers lose their jobs and Portland-like riots grip the nation. 

Meanwhile, the new technology barons are living in enclaves of wealth and prosperity, fully protected from the plague that is sending millions of investors to the poorhouse — all thanks to game-changing breakthroughs that are transforming our economy, our country and your future wealth. 

This is the chance to choose your future, because both possible outcomes await you. 

I would encourage you to make your choice now. 

If you don’t, the value of your investments, your savings and your retirement accounts could be wiped out, and you may never be able to retire.

It’s Grow or Die, My Friend 

Make no mistake, nobody has accused me of being a fearmonger. 

On the contrary, I’m the editor of GameChangers — Wall Street’s leading advisory on tech breakthroughs that will change the way we work, play, live and invest.

Game-changing companies like:

Although these game-changers created great wealth, the coronavirus may be the biggest game-changer of all time. 

After all, in just five months we have seen an impact on the world like nothing we have ever seen before. 

The coronavirus is estimated not only to reduce the GDP by $7.9 trillion, or 3%, through fiscal year 2030, but also to change the way Americans live, work and play for decades to come.

In one bold stroke, the coronavirus has devastated the restaurant industry, the travel industry and the oil and gas industry! 

And that’s just the beginning…

The convention industry is all but dead, along with movie theaters, film production, live sports and most retail stores. 

The carnage could ultimately make not only the Great Recession of 2008-2009 pale in comparison, but the Great Depression as well. 

Look at all the big-name companies that have already filed for bankruptcy:

When the dust settles, my friend, the America you knew will be almost unrecognizable. The coronavirus is killing the American dream for millions and rendering obsolete just about everything you thought you knew about investing.

Where you work… where you live… what kind of car you drive… what you pay for food, clothing and energy — and much of your financial life — will be indirectly controlled by the coronavirus for the next 10 years. 

Tragically, this cataclysm will send millions of Americans to the poorhouse as they fail to understand what is taking place around them. 

And yet, a select handful of Americans who read the handwriting on the wall and act now will be able to use this crisis to build substantial wealth. 

If you act immediately on the simple recommendations I am about to share with you, you could be one of them.

That’s why I created this presentation, to: 

  1. Give you the facts, depth and understanding you need to protect your home, savings, investments and your retirement from the single greatest economic crisis in our nation’s history;
  2. Show how you can grow your wealth in the niche sectors that will continue to reward investors, even as the global economy is shaken to its core. 

Mark my words. 

Once you gain a full understanding of the economic shockwave that is going to hit the country, and take the simple actions I will spell out over the next few minutes, you could make obscene profits while many investors suffer catastrophic losses. 

Tragically, the Financial Media is
Blind to What’s Going On

That’s because they tend to focus on shutdowns, masks and vaccines, and can’t see the dramatic shift that will affect every investment you own now and for years to come. 

You need only look at the global enforcement of social distancing and quarantine measures to see which sectors will continue to collapse and which will hand you the biggest profits. 

The biggest mistake you can make now is buying back your beaten-down favorites because their prices are low.

Trust me when I tell you this: Airline, hotel, and oil and gas stocks are going to be dead money for years to come. 

You can forget most retailers for the same reason — all thanks to social distancing and quarantine measures, they are dead money as well. 

You don’t have to take my word for it. 

Just stop by your local boarded-up shopping mall… and then connect the dots from those operations to their suppliers and manufacturers. 

You can see with your own eyes that they are all down for the count. 

For how long? Who knows… 

The truth is, no matter how much you hope and pray, the next 10 years aren’t going to look anything like the last 10 years. And if you even think of buying back your old favorites now — while their prices are low — you are going to get blindsided. 

Yet in the midst of this devastation, a phoenix of new opportunities is rising that could hand you 150%… 200%… 300% or more over the next 12 months as the coronavirus continues to shake the foundation of our country, our economy and your future way of life. 

The bottom line here is this: 

This new pandemic/work-from-home economy will be driven by game-changing companies that can adapt to the new realities and not by those that drove the 2000 bull market to new heights. 

Take Teladoc (TDOC), for example.

It’s the perfect example of a game-changing stock that will reap almost obscene profits in the next few years, thanks to social distancing. 

When I say “perfect,” I mean it. 

Here’s why… 

If you’ve never heard of Teladoc, here’s what you need to know: It’s a breakthrough video technology service that allows doctors to consult with you over a video chat line, so you don’t need to come in to the office. For a quick checkup, it’s great and safe. There’s no risk of getting COVID-19 from your doctor or vice versa. You never have to leave your home. 

So it’s no surprise that Teladoc provides more than 20,000 virtual medical visits per day in the U.S.

With COVID-19 cases increasing, that number grows by the day.

This is why the stock is up 153% on 85% revenue growth as the Dow and millions of investors lost money! 

This is also why two top analysts upgraded the company’s earnings not only for this year, but for next year as well.

And this explains why institutions and hedge funds like BlackRock and Vanguard own over $1 billion of shares each. They can see as clear as day, as we can, that the future of diagnostic and checkup medicine is in the hands of this company. 

By the way, prior to the March shutdown, Teladoc had just 10,000 patient visits. Thanks to COVID-19, its visits doubled practically overnight. 

But please don’t think you’re too late for the train here. This company continues to gain momentum as the pandemic continues to change the habits of most Americans. 

For these reasons, if I can take a small position in Teladoc today, a profit of $2-to-$1 is all but guaranteed over the next 12 months as more and more Americans choose a virtual house visit rather than risk catching COVID-19 at the doctor’s office. 

Before you buy it, please check my website to get my latest buy and target prices. Given the volatility in the market, Teladoc’s price can bounce up and down quite quickly. I want you to make sure that you have my most recent buy price on this one 

As I’ve seen so many times over the years, a target price and a little patience can add 20% to 30% to your profits. 

While you’re online, you’ll also find my quarterly profit forecast for GameChangers readers, featuring 12 more money-makers like Teladoc. 

It’s called, 12 Game-Changing Stocks Every Investor Must Own Now.

In it, you’ll discover how to potentially double your money by owning the 12 companies that will profit the most from the pandemic across a number of industries.

It’s yours FREE with a no-risk trial subscription to GameChangers. I’ll get you the download link at the end of this presentation. 

In the meantime, let me tell you a little bit about this next game-changer from your FREE report. As you’ll see, it’s already profiting from national shelter-in-place orders, and it will continue to profit in the months and years ahead. 

Write this name down, and please remember that you read about it here first. 

Roku (ROKU) is another pandemic profit machine you would be wise to take a position in, especially with millions of Americans continuing to shelter in place. 

Here’s why: The company’s software and hardware allow Americans to stream thousands of movies from the Internet to their homes without having to buy a new smart TV — and for a whole lot less money. 

So instead of buying a new TV, you buy a Roku box or download the Roku app. Then you can stream thousands of movies for free

So it’s no surprise that 10 top analysts have upgraded this one for 2020 and 2021, or that the company delivered a 30% positive earnings surprise.

After all, the company’s devices provide easy access to free TV, live news, sports, movies and more, without having to pay AT&T, Xfinity or Comcast a dime. 

With this one up 20% over the past 30 days, I see it doubling investors’ money in 2021 and then some, as Americans continue to stay stuck at home and video streaming services acquire more users. 

The point I’m trying to make here with Teladoc and Roku should be obvious…

If you’re serious about protecting yourself and profiting in this new pandemic-driven economy, you must invest in small, fast-growing companies that are profiting from this new reality — and not the ones that have been decimated by it.

This Is Why the Coronavirus Is
The Ultimate Game-Changer 

And when I say “ultimate,” I mean it!

That’s because the pandemic has changed the way the entire world works, lives, plays and invests — not just now, but for years. Unless you change with the times, you will find the stock market a better place to lose a fortune than to make one.

Again, Teladoc and Roku are just two of the 12 fast-growing companies we’re recommending for immediate purchase you’ll find in your free copy of 12 Game-Changing Stocks Every Investor Must Own Now.  I will tell you more about them, and why each one has the technology to double your money every 12 months, in a moment.

But first, for the record, let me say that I have helped thousands of Americans build their wealth in the fastest-growing companies on the planet for over 30 years. 

Companies with better ideas… advanced technologies… and/or biotech breakthroughs.

If my name sounds familiar, it may be because you’ve seen me on CNBC, CNN, or the Fox News Channel… read my market insights in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, Bloomberg, or Forbes… or read one of my best-selling investment books, GameChanger Investing, Ahead of the Curve or The Little Book of Big Profits from Small Stocks.

There are a few reasons why the financial media seeks me out — it’s not only because my forecasts and stock picks are amazingly accurate, but also because we have doubled our readers’ money more than 120 times, thanks to companies like these:

…Just to name a few. 

When these interviewers ask about the secret to my success, my answer is simple: We invest in undiscovered gems that are turning whole industries upside down — game-changers, if you will, that are changing the way we work, live, and invest.

Companies that are disrupting entire industries, like Apple, Netflix, Google and Facebook did. 

That’s why we’ve been able to invest in leading-edge technology stocks more profitably than 9 out of 10 individual investors, gurus and brokers. 

Here’s why: 

While the so-called experts hunt for stocks based on a quarter’s worth of earnings, we look for companies with the most forward-looking technologies. 

There’s a huge difference in these two approaches. Theirs can make you money for 90 days. Ours can make you money for life. 

The master key to our success is understanding both the trends AND the technologies, and then buying companies that lie squarely at the crossroads.

A great example of how our approach can make you rich can be found in one of the best-performing investments of the decade: Netflix, the defining leader of online streaming. 

If you had invested $10,000 in Netflix in 2010, you’d be sitting on $280,400, for a 2,804% return. And if you had the vision to invest $100,000, you’d be sitting on a $2,804,000 windfall. 

Sadly, few people saw the potential in Netflix as the company started out shipping DVDs by mail. But we did. 

We saw how streaming technology would reduce costs and increase profits. That’s because the company would no longer have to produce, ship and store DVDs; the profits on monthly membership charges soared, along with the stock price.

I mention none of this to boast. I say it only to show you how investing in game-changing stocks is the pathway to bigger profits.

This is how we’ve doubled our readers’ money 120 times over the past 10 years, without taking 1/10th of the risk that other investors take.

It’s all because, when you get the trends right, it’s almost impossible for you to lose money — a rising tide lifts all boats. When you get the stocks right too, as we have proved, you will make a killing. 

That’s why I suggest that you download your free copy of 12 Game-Changing Stocks Every Investor Must Own Now, and grab Roku and Teladoc before they double in value.

The reason is simple. 

Today’s biggest trend is the overwhelming dominance of the coronavirus over everything. What we are witnessing is a massive shift from offline to online, work-from-home businesses. 

That’s why, to reap superior profits in the months and years ahead, you must place your bets on companies positioned to profit from the pandemic over those that are doing business the old way. 

Your FREE report will not only introduce you to 12 companies that are leading their fields, but also give you a head start in the race for profits. I’ll get you the download link in a moment. 

Before I do… 

Let Me Tell You Where The Big Money Will Be Made

And then I’ll give you a sneak preview of a few of the 12 GameChangers you’ll find in your FREE report. 

So where will the big money be made?

Right off the bat, big data, online shopping, and virtual payment companies will be take-it-to-the-bank winners, along with artificial intelligence and machine learning firms.

Key retailers will make out like bandits too, along with niche companies whose products Americans can’t live without. 

As I look over my list of 12 top companies that are poised to profit from this global sea change, my palms itch in anticipation of the profits we’re going to make. 

Already, our stocks are up 44% — that’s five times more than the S&P 500!

The profit margins, sales and earnings continue to grow in sharp contrast to the majority of S&P 500 companies.

Again, you’ll get the full details in your FREE copy of 12 Game-Changing Stocks Every Investor Must Own Now, which I will be sending out at the end of this presentation.

Before you download it, let me tell you about a few of them now. 

The first game-changer from your FREE report is a company I call “The Money Company.” It’s perfectly positioned to profit from the pandemic.

Three reasons: 

  1. It handles the transfer of money online. 
  2. It makes a lot of money. 
  3. It makes the investors a lot of money, too. 

As many offline businesses collapsed, this online money-transfer company has been a take-it-to-the-bank winner, with 22% quarterly revenue growth and 85% earnings growth, leaving investors smiling all the way to the bank with 85% year-to-date profits. 

In your FREE report, I explain why I see this company jumping another 85% when the next earnings come out, as more and more Americans order food and goods online, and as the company profits from millions of transactions. 

The second company from your FREE report is another game-changer that offers ground-floor Netflix-like potential, thanks to the social distancing mandates and work-at-home economy.

The company’s software not only protects millions of home-based workers from hack attacks, but also gives them direct, secure access to their company’s computers. 

That’s important now more than ever, as most folks who work at home are using their own devices — without the same security protocols in place as when they were working in the office. 

This software, which is easily downloadable, can offer users protection and a direct high-security link back to the home office. 

So it’s no wonder that 20 big-name institutions and mutual funds have gone all-in here, including Vanguard, Primecap Management Company and Fairfax Financial Holdings.

Because its software can be downloaded to millions of devices, it reminds me a lot of Microsoft, whose software dominated the computer sectors — ultimately rewarding investors with 20,000% gains over the past 30 years. 

I see similar potential in this up-and-comer. 

My third game-changer could be Wall Street’s sleeper stock for 2021. It’s a tiny yet direct competitor to Amazon, with a big upside, whose fortunes have zoomed as a result of the shop-at-home trend that is cresting across the nation. Not only has its revenue doubled year over year, but the company’s stock is up 157% year-to-date — two times more than Amazon’s. 

Here’s how it’s beating Amazon to the punch: The company’s online shopping platform lets anyone create their own online business – bypassing Amazon Web Services and keeping the money for themselves. 

So it’s no surprise that 28 analysts raised expectations for this company, for both this year and next! 

Our projections show that with 690% earnings growth, the next 12 months could double its past year-to-date gains of 152%.

My next game-changer from your FREE report is another must-own technology juggernaut that will richly reward investors over the next 12 months — all because COVID-19 has moved thousands of businesses and customers online.

As a result, companies are turning to big data analytics to harness and manage vast amounts of data to streamline operations, attract new customers, and generate higher profits. 

In the retail sector, for example, this company’s technology could allow retailers to anticipate demand, optimize pricing, systematize warehouse and store operations, and automate checkout and delivery by drone.

In the health care sector, its technology could cut costs and save lives by automating diagnostic tests, identifying risk groups, predicting disease, adapting treatments to patients, and streamlining hospital operations.

This is why T. Rowe Price owns $3 billion worth of shares and Vanguard and BlackRock own $1 billion each. And for the same reasons we own it: Whole sectors are using this company’s technology to better organize their data and get a jump on the competition. 

If you buy this one now, you could be looking at money-doubling gains for the next five years. In your FREE copy of 12 Game-Changing Stocks Every Investor Must Own Now, I’ll explain why. 

This Next Game-Changer Could Not Only Be the Biggest Winner From The Shelter-In-Place Orders,
It Could Also Put a Huge Smile On Your Face

Surprisingly, it doesn’t have anything to do with technology. Nor does it have anything to do with cleaning supplies or hand sanitizer. 

But it does have something that’s essential to the human race: companionship

You need only go to your local SPCA to understand what I’m talking about. You’d be lucky to find a dog or cat to adopt right now. And therein lies the opportunity, as millions of Americans now welcome pets into their lives… along with the costs of owning them. 

So it’s no wonder this game-changing pet supplier is up 80% year-to-date and with 46% revenue growth. But even those gains pale in comparison to what lies ahead, as people keep their pets for years. 

I have followed this company for some time, and its growth has been truly remarkable. Yet the stock is still largely undiscovered on Wall Street because, once again, the financial media focuses only on shutdowns and masks, not on the niche stocks that are profiting from this new reality. 

In your FREE report, you’ll learn why analysts are projecting 132% annualized growth for the next five years, why this company is light-years ahead of its competition, and how it could continue to hand you money-doubling gains for the next five years. 

Plus, I’ll give you the full stories on five additional companies like Roku and Teladoc that are on the fast track to glorious profits from the massive economic impact COVID-19 has had on stocks. 

Again, this report is yours, absolutely free. All I ask is that you give my GameChangers investment research advisory service a risk-free try.

If you’ve never seen GameChangers before, here’s what you should know: It’s a one-of-a-kind investment advisory that focuses on finding companies that are turning industries on their heads… companies that have the potential to be the next Apple, Amazon, Netflix, or Tesla… companies like Teladoc and Roku. 

My goal is to get you in early, on the ground floor, before Wall Street takes notice and jumps on the bandwagon. 

This is how we’ve doubled investors’ money 120 times over the past 10 years, and how we plan to do so again over the next decade. 

Your FREE report will bring you the inside story on 12 money-doubling game-changers we are hitching our star to now. 

And it will also lay the foundation for the kinds of profit opportunities I will bring you in the months and years ahead…

Along with our philosophy of investing in disruptive technology stocks with the muscle to win us huge profits. 

Best of all, 12 Game-Changing Stocks Every Investor Must Own Now is yours FREE for simply accepting a risk-free subscription to my GameChangers advisory. 

This Brings Me To You, and the Opportunity
That’s Standing Squarely In Front Of You

By now I hope you agree with me that the fallout from COVID-19 will go down as one of the biggest game-changers in the history of the world. 

One that will drive a technological wedge through the heart of America, where the haves and have-nots will seem light-years apart…

Where the have-nots will lose quite a bit, betting on the wrong stocks in the wrong industries… 

Where the haves, who reposition their assets now, will capture their share of profits from the new realities of COVID-19, as the clueless suffer the consequences. 

In this FREE report, I’ve given you a sneak preview of the kinds of new and profitable opportunities that await you if you invest in these new technologies NOW.

Giving you the names of Teladoc and Roku is the best way I know to introduce you to the kinds of opportunities I’ll bring you every month in GameChangers.

If their performance equals that of Netflix or any of my past big winners, you could easily double your wealth every 6 to 12 months.

Just as you’ve seen here, we’ll not only break down their technologies, revenue streams, and profit potential, but also crunch the numbers and dig into the market size and growth potential.

And we’ll show you why each one could become the next Apple, which has grown more than 2,351% since 2007… or the next Amazon, which has provided 2,546% gains over the past 10 years… or the next Netflix, which handed investors a 2,804% payday.

The moment you agree to give us a try, you’ll get immediate access to the special report 12 Game-Changing Stocks Every Investor Must Own Now… along with our complete portfolio of game-changing recommendations, which also includes:

Together, they offer you the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of these radical innovators, right at the beginning of their hyper-growth stage where the potential rewards are enormous.

This is how we’ve handed our readers more than 120 triple-digit winners over the past 10 years — all by spotting the trends early and identifying these radical innovators light-years ahead of Wall Street.

The thanks I have received from my readers over the years has been truly humbling.

Here’s a note from Rosemary K., who wrote me personally to say…

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Bill M. wrote to say that he used the money from just one trade to book a cruise.

Larry L. used the profits from a single trade to pay for a trip to Europe.

Longtime subscriber J. Gaydos also wrote to me to say how our advanced forecasts and timely recommendations have helped him secure his family’s future:

“I just want to say THANK YOU all for helping me with your investment ideas over the past few years. I have been able to increase my wealth as I near retirement.”

Today’s buy alert offers you a sneak preview of the kind of complete analysis and money making recommendations I’ll bring you when you subscribe to a risk-free trial of GameChangers.

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That’s because… 

If You’re Not 100% Delighted,
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Hilary Kramer 
Editor, GameChangers