Dear Investor,

I rarely have openings for new Associates in my trading business…

But when I do, investors rush in to fill any available spots… even during market volatility like we’re seeing now.


Because my trading business takes advantage of all-time highs… and still protects your money when eventual crashes come.

It’s a lifesaver to have systems PROVEN to both guard and grow your money in both booms and busts.

And I’m serious about that growth part. You’ll never have to worry about your money again or feel uncertain on what to invest in. Why, you ask?

Because these treacherous markets are nothing new for me and my Associates.

Together, we have easily sailed through the last two years of volatility, netting all kinds of double- and triple-digit gains…

Capitalizing on every new record high…

And making money in market collapses:

During every plunge and peak, for me and my Associatesthe profits have been pouring in like a flood.

Here are just a few since the market started its rollercoaster ride in January 2018:

And many, many more.

These gains came from my seven “Associate Portfolios” — the same safe, reliable portfolios you’ll have access to as one of my Associates.

Who would think that making money in volatile markets could be so easy? Once you see inside my seven Associate Portfolios, you’ll know exactly why we do.

In fact, once this volatility started in January 2018…

One of our Associate Portfolios started sizzling, handing out 82 double- and triple-digit gains in just two years and two months.

Investing $10,000 in each would have given you $177,469. A pretty good haul in a short time…

But if you instead “invested in the market” by putting $10,000 in a fund that tracks the Dow, you’d have made a mere $1,729.

So, how easy was it for my Associates to earn that much money that fast?

They simply read a text or an email, and then entered it into their online brokerage account.

Now, in that same time frame, our “lower-risk” Associate Portfolio also caught fire, winning 80% of its investments.

Again, with $10,000 in each investment, you would have received $56,781.

That’s a nice chunk of change for a lower-risk portfolio… especially when the market only made $1,729.

All my Associate Portfolios are on a tear.

In fact, one of my newest Associate Portfolio holds its trades for less than two full days.

And get this…

Each trade averages between 7% and 10% — counting both wins and losses.

Do you know of anyone else on the entire planet who’s winning 7% to 10% on average… in less than two days…

Every single time they trade.

And get this: just $10,000 would have compounded into a whopping $233,000.

In seven months.

Have you ever seen $10,000 grow into $233,000 in seven months… including losses?

This is what being one of my Associates gives you.

“A one-woman financial powerhouse” 
Financial Times

Hilary Kramer gets rave reviews from financial experts:

“For years, Hilary Kramer has been pulling back the curtain to reveal how to make money in the stock market…”
Wall Street Journal

“…Joyful gains rather than portfolio-shrinking heartache.”
Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief, Forbes Magazine

“Kramer’s rock-solid picking acumen has both earned her clients’ countless amounts of money, and protected them, too…” 
Fox Business

“…One of the best-known investors in America.”
The Economist

All these gains you’ve seen today were delivered to my Associates even though…

But our investments win like we’re in the middle of a boom.

The Bottom Line Is This:

We make money when the market is up.

We make money when the market is down.


How can we do that?

Market direction means nothing, because we stay in our lane… cashing in on each Associate Portfolio’s unique strategy.

As you’re about to see…

“I Have Seven Associate Portfolios —
EACH Can Make You a Millionaire”

I’ve designed each portfolio to be a path to a million-dollar trading account.

Why would I do that?

Because ANYONE can still make a million dollars in America. All you need is someone to point you in the right direction.

Which is why I’m writing to you today.

I’m going to show you how to find your path to financial freedom.

In fact, I have seven easy paths that I’d like to show you. Each is tucked inside its own Associate Portfolio.

Together, you and I can use any one — or a combination of them — to create your own individualized way to a million-dollar retirement.

It’s what I do. It’s why I’ve been called “The Millionaire-Maker.”

Now, I’m positive one of these seven Associate Portfolios will fit you, no matter your investment style.

Follow My Million-Dollar Portfolios
Keep reading to find out how:

✔ I’m guaranteeing you an average of one gain per week for the next 12 months.

✔ I’ll show you how to allocate your portfolio across different investments to optimize your returns… like high-end money managers do.

✔ You’ll continue raking in consistent, dependable, and lucrative gains… even when the market tanks.

Whether your investing style is conservative, growth, short-term trading, buy-and-hold, or investing for income…

I have seven Associate Portfolios designed for your investing style…

Any one of which can build you a million-dollar portfolio faster and easier than most investors ever dream possible.

I’m going to share all seven with you for FREE… for the rest of your life.

Most importantly, when you’re my trading business Associate, I’ll be with you, investing beside you, every step of the way… with easy-to-follow strategies for each of the seven Associate Portfolios.

I’ll show you each one, but first, you might be wondering…

Do These Million-Dollar
Associate Portfolios Work?
You Bet They Do…

For over 20 years, I’ve used these seven portfolios repeatedly to make myself millions. I’ve done it for many others as well.

When I was just out of Wharton, a virtual newbie…

I was immediately plunged into the worst day on Wall Street ever: Black Monday, 1987, where the Dow crashed 22.61% in a single day.

By using some of the same strategies I’m about to show you, I made my clients boatloads of cash that day.

And the profits kept flooding in during the following months, even as the market continued to flounder.

After that, I went on to build a private fund from $1 billion… into a $5.2 billion giant.

Next, I was one of the few to call the crash of 2008 before it happened, saving investors more millions than I can remember…

Then I authored three international bestsellers: 

  1. The Little Book of Big Profits from Small Stocks
  2. Ahead of the Curve: Nine Simple Ways to Create Wealth By Spotting Stock Trends
  3. GameChanger Investing: How to Profit from Tomorrow’s Billion-Dollar Trends

I’ve made appearances on TV with my friend Steve Forbes of Forbes Magazine

Steve is one of the most intelligent financial minds in America.

To the right, you’ll see him with me on one of my regular appearances on Fox Business.

I’ve been a co-host on Making Money with Charles Payne on Fox Business for many years. Here’s a tweet he sent me:

I’m not bringing up these appearances to brag… but to show you that I can help you, like I’ve helped millions of investors before.

In fact, I’m going to do you one better.

I’m going to pull back the curtain and show you all my trading and investing skills, so you can enjoy a seven-figure retirement.

That’s my goal for you.

But before we go any further, I have to ask you a question:

“Are You Prepared to Do
What It Takes to Experience
A Million-Dollar Retirement?”

You, a millionaire? Really?

If you’re one of the first 4 to respond to my invitation…

Becoming a millionaire, — starting right now — is more possible than you’ve ever dared to dream.

Why do I say that?

According to Fortune, Bloomberg, and the Boston Consulting Group, investing in the stock market creates an average 1,700 new millionaires every day in America.

And that number is accelerating…

In 2019, Credit Suisse Bank reported more millionaires are being minted even faster, bringing that daily growth to 1,849 per day.

And if you have an experienced, knowledgeable guide you like and trust — one with a proven millionaire-market track record — you’re putting yourself in line to be one of those 1,849 new millionaires being minted each day.

You’re in the Right Place at the Right Time

Why do I say that?

Because most millionaires in our country are self-made, according to Kiplinger…

Who ALSO says, one of the top reasons why millionaires are made is because they have a plan.

Kiplinger is spot on. I’ve seen this time and time again during my career as a fund manager and investment advisor. I also know that I wouldn’t have achieved my millions without a solid, proven plan.

My trading business Associates follow seven simple portfolios, each with their own plan, as you’ll see shortly.

Just follow one of those seven, and you’re set for life, as so many before you have been.

So, that leads me to my question:

Are You Serious Enough to Follow
One of My Seven Associate Portfolios
To Become a Millionaire?

Because if you aren’t, stop reading now!

“If you read nothing else, read this.
I have to get something off my chest. Allow me this one rant, and I promise, it’ll be the only rant you read here today.

I’m talking about investors who tell me:

“Hilary, there’s nothing special about me. I can’t be a millionaire.”

Let me be brutally frank:

You’re ½ right.

Here’s the fully true statement:

There is nothing special that stops you from becoming a millionaire.

Especially when compared to the countless number of people I’ve made into millionaires.

You are not somehow exempt from the laws of investing.

If you follow one of these six paths, you can watch your wealth grow like clockwork…

Until it swells into your first million dollars.

So, yes; by investing alongside me, you CAN be a millionaire. It’s simple cause-and-effect.

There is nothing “special” that separates you from other millionaires who started from where you are today.

There are plenty of nice, little mutual funds that “average” investors can make modest gains in…

But if you want to become one of America’s newest millionaires, I can help you with the same proven plans I’ve used to create several million dollars.

During my 12 years on Wall Street, I created many millionaires… and made many millionaires into multi-millionaires. As a money manager, I trained many junior traders on how to create the same wealth that I have. Now, how much wealth is that?

I made my first million by age 30 and retired a multi-millionaire a few short years later.

Over the past three decades, I’ve generated over $100 billion in wealth for people.

And for my Associates, I’m going to expose what my decades as a Wall Street insider have taught me: How to buy specially-selected stocks for immediate explosive portfolio growth.

So, I promise you this:

If you follow what I’m about to reveal…

You’ll never invest the same — or live the same — ever again.

And you’ll know exactly how to pave the way to your own 7-figure net worth. 

So, let’s get right into it…

7 Portfolios to 7 Figures:
Your First $1 Million — FREE!

Why? Because making millionaires is my passion. And I’ve seen it happen over and over:

Your FIRST million is all it takes to achieve financial security.

When you’re there, I’ll know I’ve done my job.

And the fastest way I can get you there is through the seven Associate Portfolios I’m going to show you today.

They range from conservative to aggressive.

But I’m confident each can lead you to a million dollars, beginning with…

Million-Dollar Associate Portfolio #1:
Disruptive Technologies with
Rocketing Growth
Million-Dollar Associate Portfolio #1
Executive Summary:
Portfolio: GameChangers
Strategy: Growth (Lower Risk)
Million-Dollar Path: The top disruptive technologies, averages 16 double-digit wins each year.
Value: $249/year

How often have you wondered how investors find early-stage, disruptive technologies… with explosive profits that build lifetime wealth?

I’m talking about plays like Cisco Systems (+177,500%)… Microsoft (+117,500%)… Oracle (+81,590%)…

That’s where GameChangers works for you. You get ground-floor opportunities in disruptive technologies with high-powered growth.

When a new technology creates a breakthrough that changes our lives…

One investment could make you a millionaire.

This means bringing you the next Amazon (62,343%), Apple (34,570%), or Netflix (27,055%)… but you have to get in while they’re still in their startup stages.

GameChangers finds the ground floor of a stock’s uptrend. That way, you capture the maximum profit run.

And now I want to give those disruptive, early-stage investments to you.

I want you in at the beginning of a trend, before it hits Wall Street’s radar, before the big investors swoop in and skyrocket share prices, and you miss the big profits.

By the time everyone’s talking about a stock, it’s too late — so I get you in at the beginning of its jump.

Would you like proof?

Since 2013, readers have scored a grand total of 114 double-digit GameChangers wins — or 16 a year, on average.

The average wins can get big with GameChangers, and they can come fast, too, as Kenneth reports:

“ERV popped over 20% in one day! Thanks Hilary!”

Normally $249 each year, GameChangers is FREE for LIFE when you join my business as an Associate.

Also free for life is my…

Million-Dollar Associate Portfolio#2:
Our No-Holds-Barred High-Speed Profits
Million-Dollar Associate Portfolio #2
Executive Summary:
Portfolio: Turbo Trader
Strategy: Rapid Growth (Moderately Aggressive)
Million-Dollar Path: We average 30 double-digit gains per year!
Value: $1,995/year

With my Turbo Trader service, nothing is off the table.

If it makes us money, you and I are going to get it in our portfolios.

That means bargain-priced stocks, ETFs, and stock contracts…

Just so long as they are fundamentally solid and technically positioned to skyrocket over the next one-to-three months.

To give you these fast-paced gains, we combined two of our top portfolios: Breakout Stocks and Absolute Capital Return

Giving you one ultra-high-powered portfolio. It’s laser-focused on getting multiple fast gains. How many and how fast?

In the Turbo Trader Associate Portfolio, you can average 2-3 double- or triple-digit gains per month.

The wins can come as fast as one or two days, like J. Mercadeo. He’s thankful he…

“…Made 13% in two days.”

Now, these trades usually take from 30-90 days for maximum gains, but we do get many quick wins.

In fact, we’ve averaged 29 double-digit gains each year since we closed out its first gain, seven years ago.

With Turbo Trader, I give you extra care, taking you by the hand and spoon-feeding you trades like I did for new traders back when I was a high-stakes trader on Wall Street. You’ll also get tutorials, videos, and charts to give you deeper insights into successful trading.

Normally, you’d have to pay $1,995 to join for a year…

But, as an Associate in my trading business, we pull back the velvet rope, giving you immediate access……

And, instead of the $1,995 membership fee, you get Turbo Trader FREE for LIFE, just like you will with…

Million-Dollar Associate Portfolio #3:
Light-Speed, Double-Digit Gains…
In 48 Hours or Less
Million-Dollar Associate Portfolio #3
Executive Summary:
Portfolio: 2-Day Trader
Strategy: Proprietary (Aggressive)
Million-Dollar Path: You get my private system, with returns of 7% to 10% in less than two days on average.
Value: $2,495/year

This new trading breakthrough is HUGE.

In as little as two days…

And starting with just $5,000…

You can experience this breakthrough system’s profits of $1,811… $1,630… and $1,462 in less than two days.

It’s as easy as it is lucrative, because you only have to follow the simple trade signals I text and email to you.

I call it 2-Day Trader, because the profits pour in fast and relentless…

Counting each trade we’ve made — both wins and losses — they’re averaging 7% to 10%. And each trade averages less than two days.

It’s one of the hottest systems in America today.

Here are a few of the actual trades this new system has handed out so far, even when the market’s plunged…

These aren’t even our top trades…

And by the way: We don’t short stocks, nothing weird… just good solid investing.

Once again, we prove that market direction means nothing in my trading business. You’ll experience that first-hand as one of my Associates.

Here are a few of our trades:

How do we make so much money so fast?

Because we’re trading the hottest money-maker today:

Simple contracts on funds. Now, what are those?

Easy. Instead of trading the fund itself, we buy a simple contract on it for about one-fourth of the price.

It’s not hard. If you can buy shares in Apple, Facebook, or any stock, you can buy a contract on a fund.

The results?

As you’ve just seen, the cash is coming in fast and furious.

Still, I have to keep the system’s inner workings proprietary.

Why? Because when you can make $1,811… $1,630… and $1,462 in less than two days from an investment of just $5,000…

You don’t want to let the secret out to everyone — it would dilute this system’s effectiveness.

So, you and a limited number of other Associates get early access to my portfolio that I call 2-Day Trader.

But we’re still not through. I want to give you…

Million-Dollar Associate Portfolio #4:
Following in Buffett’s Footsteps
Million-Dollar Associate Portfolio #4
Executive Summary:
Portfolio: Value Authority
Strategy: Value (Conservative)
Million-Dollar Path: We average 15 wins per year.
Value: $249/year

As much as I love fast profits…

It’s good to have some conservative investments too.

So, you get the ultimate in safe, secure, yet highly-profitable investing in Value Authority.

For many years I was a Warren Buffett protégé. By using his special tactics with my own analysis, I recommend carefully-picked underpriced stocks…

That grow steadily, surely, and safely, until they reach their full value, which we then close out for handsome profits.

Like T. Sherman said, pocketing a gain of 50.29%:

“Thanks for the Sell Signal! In at $13.5, out at $20.29! Good Job.”

Value Authority is a very conservative service… the lowest-risk service I offer. This low-risk strategy is part of the reason we’re averaging 15 wins per year.

Now check this out:

  1. My Value Authority members are normally promised 10 wins per year. But, as I just said, they have actually averaged 15 wins per year since this service started…
  2. Any losses are few and far between, thanks to my disciplined risk-management strategy, which, when we do have a rare loss, is minimized…
  3. My win-rate of 75% means my recommendations make money, so you can get richer faster…

Now, a year’s subscription to Value Authority is normally $249… but you get it FREE for LIFE as one of my Associate Portfolios when you join my trading business. I’ll tell you how to do that momentarily…

But first, let’s take just a second to crunch some numbers. It’ll be easy, I promise.

Here’s the deal: You only need 10 double-digit wins to double your money each year. (10 trades X 10% each = 100%… doubling your money.)

Like I said, we’ve averaged 15 wins each year.

At this rate, you can easily double your money every twelve months on average with Value Authority. So how long will it be before you make your first million?

It makes that $249 price tag look like a huge bargain.

And getting this Associate Portfolio FREE for LIFE looks like the deal of the century.

In fact, it would be, if it weren’t for…

Million-Dollar Associate Portfolio #5:
Blazing a Path to
Your First Million Dollars
Million-Dollar Associate Portfolio #5
Executive Summary:
Portfolio: High Octane Trader
Strategy: Aggressive stock and options trades
Million-Dollar Path: Average 73 double- and triple-digit wins per year, with a red-hot trading service…
Value: $1,995/year

I know you’re smarter than a 12-year-old…

And that’s all it takes to trade options in my High Octane Trader service…

Because a 6th grader can follow a simple recommendation to enter the trade symbol on the computer, which takes around five minutes…

In fact, these simple-to-make High Octane trades average 73 double- and triple-digit wins per year.

That’s more than one per week! Now, how long would it take to make a million dollars if you averaged one double- or triple-digit return each week?

And, in view of that…

What on EARTH is stopping you from becoming a High Octane Trader?

Member Jim reports, “Starting 4/23 … through the end of July my account value has increased 95%… so I am grateful for Hilary’s exceptional guidance.”

Now, you can do the same thing going forward.

I’ve given my High Octane Trader subscribers 659 double-digit gains over the last nine years… handing traders like you an average of 73 double-digit gains per year.

Now, to get these amazing numbers of gains, we use a very simple options strategy — so simple it’s proprietary — for easy call and put options.

But you don’t have to know the first thing about options trading to make money with this system. Simply enter the trade as we show you into your online brokerage account… then watch the money pour in.

Of course, if you want to get into the nuts-and-bolts of options trading, I’m happy to give you one of the top educations available in simple options trading. Associates get it for free, as you’ll see in a moment.

High Octane Trader normally costs $1,995 a year, but it’s yours FREE for LIFE as an Associate in my trading business.

But the best is yet to come. Check out how fast the money flows in with…

Million-Dollar Associate Portfolio #6:
IPO Fortunes: How to Get In
On the Next Red-Hot IPO
Million-Dollar Associate Portfolio #6
Executive Summary:
Portfolio: IPO Edge
Strategy: Buying pre-IPOs and new IPOs at ground-floor prices
Million-Dollar Path: We target early-stage IPOs with 1,000%+ growth potential.
Value: $2,495/year

THIS is where fortunes are made.

You’ll profit HUGE from my portfolio that focuses on early-stage companies that could be the next red-hot IPO.

A small investment in such a company before it “goes public” could set you up for life.

This is what I did for a living as one of Wall Street’s top investment bankers.

And the profits are almost ridiculous. Here’s a quick snapshot of what could have headed your way.

As an Associate, you can start banking gains like these in early-stage IPOs before they go public… 

In other words, I’ll show you how to get in on the next Uber, Pinterest, or Lyft before it jumps 1,000%, 5,000%, even as much as 10,000%…

Now, I know that sounds too good to be true.

But after three decades on Wall Street, generating over $100 billion in wealth for people…

I’m more than capable of helping you get wealth you can barely imagine today.

In fact, $2,495 would be a steal for the kind of wealth you can stack up for you and your heirs…

But it’s FREE for LIFE to my trading business Associates.

This is one more reason why it’s time you became an Associate in my trading business, so you can claim your share of the millions floating around the markets.

What’s the quickest way?

Look at my seventh and final proprietary portfolio:

Million-Dollar Associate Portfolio #7:
My Secret Portfolio and
Other Exclusive Associate Benefits

Now that you’re going to be Associate

Million-Dollar Associate Portfolio #7
Executive Summary:
Portfolio: Inner Circle Portfolio & Millionaire Map
Strategy: Exclusive
Million-Dollar Path: You get my exclusive Inner Circle portfolio picks, averaging 9 elite profitable investments each year, along with six “Millionaire Map” members-only benefits.
Value: $2,495/year

You’ve reached the highest level of trading “partner” I have.

This is only for my “cream of the crop.”

The benefits you are about to see are for my Associate-level partners only, whom I call my Inner Circle

Because they have reached my highest level of trust.

Very few make it this high.

And for them, and them only…

I share my own private collection of high-end stocks.

I call it my Inner Circle portfolio.

And NO ONE gets a peek at my private Inner Circle portfolio unless they are an Associate, which grants you lifetime membership in my trading business and, thus, a member of my Inner Circle.


Because Inner Circle is not only the name of my private portfolio…

Inner Circle is the name of this trading business.

And at the risk of repeating myself…

You must be my Associate, which grants you lifetime membership of my Inner Circle trading business before you get this and the other Associate Portfolios for free.

I pull back the velvet rope for my Associates, so you can access these carefully hand-picked trades.

These select investments in just this portfolio alone give you high-powered wins at an average of one per month.

Not only has this portfolio performed exceptionally well since we closed a recent investment for a fat 69.68% gain in just four days…

But it’s also delivered 56 premium wins for my members.

I repeat: these investments are elite, confidential, and hand-picked investments. I ask you not to share them with anyone.

They are for my Inner Circle trading business, which is what you’ll be my Associate in.

But Look at These “Associate Only”
Benefits You Get!

There’s more to your status as an Associate in my trading business than your seven portfolios.

You also get my every million-dollar secret, strategy, and research method.

I hold back nothing, because you have my full trust and confidence as an Associate of my Inner Circle.

You’ll also get six EXCLUSIVE “Associate-Only” benefits — not available anywhere else — known as my “Millionaire’s Map.

Millionaire Map Benefit #1:
No More Guesswork with
My Exclusive Allocation Table

You get a pro-level allocation strategy, just like successful fund managers use!

As my Associate, you get access to this proprietary tool.

You’ll know exactly how much money to put in each kind of investment… or to hold in cash.

No more guesswork.

For many people, deciding how much money to put in each investment can be intimidating, unless someone’s holding your hand or guiding you every step of the way.

How does it work?

It calculates several market conditions and macroeconomic events. Then it uses this data to fine-tune for optimum performance in each investment strategy.

You can see a sample allocation from this year below:

This allocation tool is valuable. You’ll never again have to guess which strategies to use to optimize your holdings.

“What about the stock market crash?”
I sympathize with the coronavirus victims.

But to be blunt, even with the crash from the virus scare…

I don’t give a rat’s tail which direction the market is going.

For example, one stock I’ve written about in the past is up 60% in just two and a half months so far this year.

On February 24, we banked gains of 64% and 69%, 27% on February 28, and 31% on March 11.

That’s why members and I don’t play “the stock market.” We play great stocks, regardless of market conditions. Playing “the stock market” is an amateur’s philosophy… or for someone who plays index ETFs.

Not for real investors.

There’s a big difference between selecting great stocks inside of a market vs. investing based on the market.

How does it work?

In a nutshell: We scrutinize the top stocks… then cherry-pick the top from whatever’s making money now.

The first week at my first job as a trader, the market crashed. I was working furiously…

Was I selling everything?

NO! That would be “playing the market.”

Instead, I was buying multitudes of high-quality, “temporarily” undervalued stocks.

And, within a few short weeks, they had bounced back. My clients made so much money, they were walking on air.

Just like you will be in a volatile market.

As it dips, we’ll scoop up bargains on obscenely undervalued stocks destined to soar.

“The market” itself has only limited — and temporary — influence on that company’s price. It does not determine its price, by any means.

You see, every company has its own strengths. And that’s what ultimately gives it its stock price.

Now you know a HUGE secret most individual investors will never know — it’s the stock, NOT the market. Because — let me repeat one final time — it’s a market of stocks… individual stocks… not a “stock market.”

Millionaire Map Benefit #2:
High-End Investing Videos!

You get exclusive online video updates, commentary, and tutorials that reveal to you my inside secrets for successful trading and investing.

Straight from my time in the trenches at Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers, you get, you get tips I reveal to no one… except my Associates, who are members of my Inner Circle.

So, if you want to learn how I find stocks, and sort out the profitable ones, this will be a treasure-trove of investing intelligence revealing how I make you money in the markets.

Millionaire Map Benefit #3:
Forget the Pains of
“Customer Service” with
Your Own Personal Concierge

You can bypass customer service when you get your exclusive Concierge service. If you’re joining the investing elite, you should be pampered like one.

So, be prepared for the finest quality, most personal, customer service available.

It will be delivered through your exclusive Associate Investors Concierge to personally serve your every membership need. His name is Grant Linhares and you can contact him directly by calling 844-419-4548.

Millionaire Map Benefit #4:
You and I Gotta Talk…

You get exclusive access to FREE conference calls with me that we hold about every three months.

These invitation-only calls are your opportunity to go one-on-one with me personally… and hear my answers to your fellow Associates’ questions.

Find out why I favor some stocks over others… what I think the outlook for the market is in the immediate future — or the months ahead… or how to accelerate building YOUR wealth…

Millionaire Map Benefit #5:
“Hilary’s Hotline”

How would you like to get hooked up with my direct email address?

When you have an issue you’re trying to sort out, or have questions about the inner workings of an investment, you can use this email address to contact me directly to get you that extra help.

Bottom Line: You and I are in this together. So, as an Associate member of my Inner Circle trading business, you’ll never invest alone…

Or wonder what to do.

Millionaire Map Benefit #6:
Own My Entire Investing Library

As my Associate and Inner Circle member, you get FREE access to one of the most comprehensive wealth-building libraries ever assembled.

Reading these market tutorials and research reports will accelerate your ride to millionaire acres… giving you special opportunities seldom available to individual investors.

Here are just a few of the titles I’ve written for members:

And many, many more.

Every investment publication created for GameChangers, Turbo Trader, 2-Day Trader, Value Authority, High Octane Trader and Inner Circle will be available to you.

You get every scrap of research, every investing secret I have. I hold NOTHING back when you become an Associate in my trading business, because I take you into my confidence.

You get my complete trust, so I’ll share everything in my investing experience.

Again, I hold nothing back!

These reports, along with the high-end videos, investment education, and advice in my Investment Library is valued at $1,000 per year — but you get it all FREE as an Associate in my trading business.

Which brings up the question: how can you get ALL of these great Millionaire Map benefits, FREE

Including access to all seven of my million-dollar Associate Portfolio services?

Simple. All you do is take what’s yours…

Claim Your 30-Day
Associate Preview of Inner Circle!

I’m going to put my money where my mouth is.

So, for the next thirty days, I want you to claim your 30-day preview as an Associate, belonging to my Inner Circle on my dime, with no risk to you whatsoever.

Why would I do this?

Because I want you to personally experience how fast these massive gains come in. And by fast, I mean the gains are piling in at the rate of more than three positive returns each week.

I want you to sink your teeth into juicy gains like these:

Of course, these are just a sample of the big gains headed your way… as soon as tomorrow, if you’re one of the first 4 to respond to my invitation. 

So go ahead. During your 30-day preview, cash in all you want. I’m taking the risk on my shoulders, not yours…

Because I want to show you the same trust I share with my other Inner Circle Associate members.

How will I show you my trust… and how does that benefit you?

As I said before, I’ll give you all my secrets, all my research, all my private picks that only my business Associates see… carefully honed by my decades of in-the-trenches Wall Street experience, and by building a $1 billion fund into a $5.2 billion monster.

I want to hand YOU the same outrageous sums I’ve handed my other investors…
Even if…

…you’re afraid stocks are too risky, and you could lose money. (You can use a conservative strategy that protects your money while growing it into double-digit returns.)

…you don’t know which stocks are good investments. (I recommend high-value stocks for you that return winning gains at an average of one per week.)

…you’ve never made money in stocks before. (As you’ve seen, with 182 wins per year, you and I are about to turn that around forever!)

…you’re afraid of market crashes. (My simple strategies work, whether markets boom OR bust.)

…you’re starting on a shoestring. (You and I can grow even a tiny account quickly.) You’ll see how you and I can make each and every one of these promises become realities.

And because I’m carefully giving you my specially-selected, low-risk, high-return, life-changing picks…

And because I’ll take out all the fear, guesswork, and uncertainty from your investing by giving you exact instructions for what to buy, when to buy, and when to sell…

Along with my world-class asset allocation tool…

You’ll never fear not knowing what to invest in, ever again.

With that in mind, let me review the exclusive benefits I have for you in your 100% risk- free Associate preview of Inner Circle

Your Exclusive Associate Benefits I’ve Got for You

As an Associate in my Inner Circle trading business, you get a full-access pass for every single trading service I offer during your 100% risk-free preview, starting with…

The Seven Associate Portfolios for
Your First Million Dollars:
  1. GameChangers:You get growth investing on revolutionary companies, averaging 16 double-digit returns each year since 2013.
  2. Turbo Trader:You get rapid growth, averaging 29 double-digit returns each year since 2013.
  3. 2-Day Trader:You get my private system with returns of 7% to 10% in less than two days on average.
  4. Value Authority:You get Warren Buffett-style Value investing, averaging 15 wins each year since 2014.
  5. High Octane Trader: America’s hottest trading service, averaging 73 double-and triple-digit returns each year since 2011. That’s more than six each month.
  6. IPO Edge: Tap into my three decades’ experience on Wall Street, where early IPO investing can bring you 1,000%+ returns.
  7. Inner Circle Portfolio & Millionaire’s Map: Exclusive recommendations for Inner Circle Associates, with 55 premium hand-picked wins in the last six years. These are elite picks from my private portfolio, not available in any of my other publications.

That’s a HUGE amount of gains. In fact…

Guarantee You At Least
52 Double- or Triple-Digit Gains
Over the Next 12 Months

That’s an average of one double- or triple-digit winner per week.

That means you get a minimum of 52 double- or triple-digit gains over the next 12 months, guaranteed, as a business Associate member of my Inner Circle

Or I’ll happily refund you every cent you paid.


Because we now actually average almost TRIPLE my annual guarantee: 105 double- or triple-digit gains each year… with some of my services dating back for nine years!

That’s why I have no problem promising new Associates of Inner Circle “just” 52 double- or triple-digit gains over the next 12 months.

How many other memberships do you know that can make that promise?

But there’s more… because, in addition to your guaranteed average weekly gain, as an Associate and Inner Circle member…

You Get All This for the Rest of Your Life
AND You Can Pass It On to Your Heirs

As my Associate, if you get in now, you’ll get the biggest benefits at the lowest prices.

Here’s what I mean…

Instead of this being a subscription service, you become a Lifetime Associate in my trading business.

Being an Associate partner in my business means you’re in for good.

You get every drop of earning power Inner Circle Associates get…

Except you don’t have to pay annual dues of $14,073.

Instead, as an Associate, you just buy into my trading business for a one-time fee.

It’s like being a lifetime member of my Inner Circle, but you get a pile of extra upgrades and you save a ton of money. 

So, how does it work?

Simple. You pay a one-time Associate “buy-in” fee

And you’re an Associate in my trading business, part of our Inner Circle family forever.

You can even pass it along to your heirs, so that you’re taking care of yourself and your family FOREVER.

And there’s another change:

I can’t guarantee we’ll ever open Associate Membership again.

There are three reasons for this:

  1. We don’t want to dilute the power of our earnings with too many people using our strategies
  2. I want to keep it intimate. I can give better attention, advice, and service to a small number of investors. In other words, being my Associate will always maintain its exclusivity. It will never turn into some sort of investing cattle-call.
  3. This is the most advice, research, and hand-holding I can possibly give. I put my heart-and-soul into my Associate members and my trading business. That’s why it’s one of the biggest earning services in America today.

What am I saying here?

I’m saying you pay far less… just one time as a lifetime business Associate, instead an annually-paid Inner Circle member…

And you ensure you’ll always have me and my team beside you for life… without the worry that your membership may expire before you reach your investing goals.

But it gets even better:

You May Qualify for an
“Instant Credit” for Up to $2,495!

If you are currently signed up for a service of mine this year, I’ll refund you the remaining balance of any and all memberships you’ve bought from me that are still in effect.

This means if you paid $1,995 for Turbo Trader or High Octane Trader, you get a pro-rated “Instant Check” refunded to you.

Or if you paid $2,495 for 2-Day Trader or IPO Edge, you get a pro-rated “Instant Check” refunded to you.

It’s the same with all of my other services, because when you become my business Associate, it includes a lifetime membership to my Inner Circle

Where you get each of my services FREE for LIFE.

Fair enough?

Let’s Add Up All the
Exclusive Associate Benefits You
Get FREE Each and Every Year

When you combine everything you get with being my business Associate, to help you towards your FIRST million, it’s a stunning array of profit-making power…

Benefits Value
Inner Circle Portfolio & Millionaire’s Map
GameChangers Annual Membership
Turbo Trader Annual Membership
2-Day Trader Annual Membership
Value Authority Annual Membership
High Octane Trader Annual Membership
IPO Edge Annual Membership
Online Millionaire’s Investing Library
Investor Concierge Service
Quarterly Conference Calls
VIP Website Access

It’s a package worth $14,073!

Remember, as an Associate-Level member, you’re guaranteed at least 52 double- or triple-digit winning investments in the next 12 months.

That’s an average of at least one big winner each week.

And, as you’ve seen by our stellar track record…

Throughout every dip, drop, and correction over the last eight years…

I’ve handed investors just like you 145 double- or triple-digit wins every 12 months, on average.

That’s why it’ll be a piece of cake to guarantee you 52 in the next 12 months.

So, you may be wondering…

How Much is a Lifetime Associate

To be blunt: education and excellent support is not cheap, especially if it pays you back a million dollars or more.

Like I said, this is my signature service. I put my heart and soul into helping my trading business Associates. They are my most prized members of my Inner Circle.

It’s my life’s work… the culmination of everything I’ve learned and helped millions with across America, through TV and my newsletters…

Which is why it pays you like no other service in America today.

I scraped, saved, and invested hundreds of thousands in my education at Wellesley, Wharton, and every high-end exclusive training I could find with some of the biggest-named gurus on earth.

Back in those days, there wasn’t anything like Inner Circle, which is a done-for-you millionaire-maker. No one offered me a chance to buy into a proven-successful trading business… or I would have jumped at it.

But, even though I struggled to pay my way through the best education in America, make no mistake:

I was born and grew up in middle class. My friends and family were good, honest, hard-working Americans.

That’s why I’m still in love with Main Street America…

Not those multi-millionaires I worked with on Wall Street.

I could easily charge those privileged Wall Street types $10,000 a year for my recommendations.

For a guaranteed win each week, on average, $10,000 would be cheap for them. But you won’t have to pay anywhere near that. Not even close!

Because I’m committed to keeping this Associate opportunity and Inner Circle within the reach of Main Street investors.

These are the kind of people I want to work help. That’s my passion… witnessing someone making their first million dollars.

This means I must keep the price of an Associate buy-in to my Inner Circle trading business affordable.

Normally, that price is $7,495 per year. It’s an amazing bargain. Consider that Inner Circle alone has an annual value of $14,073 — and worth every penny — plus, you get a minimum of 52 double- or triple-digit winning investments per year, which means closing out a new double- or triple-digit return EACH WEEK, on average.

Even so, I understand $7,495 per year isn’t cheap. That’s why we decided to stop offering annual memberships… and go with a one-time, lifetime membership instead.

So, if you’re one of the first 4 to respond to my invitation to join (whichever comes sooner)…

Instead of paying annual dues of $7,495, year after year…

As an Associate, you now get a lifetime membership to Inner Circle for just $7,495, ONE TIME, and you and your heirs become members for life.

(And a small $199 maintenance fee to cover basic expenses each year.)

Is that too much money? Then your decision is simple:

Do NOT Join Inner Circle

Look, we only have 4 openings.

We have to be choosy.

This is investing at its highest level. You’re Associating with a fund manager who’s generated more than $100 billion in wealth for people over the past three decades… and averaged a new double- or triple-digit return each week.

So, I only want you with us if you’re passionate and excited at the prospect of becoming a millionaire…

And gaining financial freedom by watching the money roll in like clockwork, week after week.

The truth is, with only 4 Associate openings at this time…

We expect to sell out fast.

And we have no immediate plans to open again in the future, if ever.

So, do me a favor:

If you’re not absolutely THRILLED to get one of the 4 spots, please stand aside and let somebody else in who would appreciate the opportunity.

Someone who will never again have to worry about money for themselves and their heirs…

…who’s tired of struggling and wants to live a life of ease and opportunity.

…who really wants worry-free, lifetime security for themselves and their family.

However, if you’re torn inside — maybe fearful if this will work for you — that’s a different story.

Allow me to remove all doubt with:

My “No-Cringe, No Strings Attached”
DOUBLE Guarantee!

I want to make sure you are protected in every way possible. So, you get my one-of-a-kind, double guarantee…

But hold on, because this is the wildest, most generous guarantee I’ve EVER offered:

Guarantee #1: High-Profit Performance!

As my Associate in Inner Circle, you get at least 52 double- or triple-digit returns in the next 12 months, no matter what the market does.

Go ahead, scrutinize every recommendation, because they MUST add up to an average of at least one each week… just like I promised you they would.

Or let me know and I will rush you a complete refund of every cent you paid.

So, go ahead: claim your spot as an Associate in my Inner Circle trading business now. Each of those 52 double-digit returns in the next 12 months will be yours, or you get an immediate and complete refund.

That’s how much confidence I have that I can deliver these kinds of results to you, to accelerate your journey to becoming a 7-figure, high-net-worth investor.

It’s that simple.

Yet, on top of Guarantee #1, you also get my “No Cringe” satisfaction guarantee…

Guarantee #2: 100% Satisfaction!

During your 30-day preview, you must agree that being an Associate in my trading business, with access to all my services, meets or exceeds your expectations in EVERY WAY.

You don’t have to make a decision now. Take the full 30 days.

You MUST be 100% satisfied with your membership.

If for any reason — any reason at all — you wish to cancel in the first 30 days, I will insist you accept an immediate refund of every cent you paid.

No strings attached.

In fact, make no final decision until midnight of the 30th day…

Because you must be completely delighted with everything I give you, or I will rush you an immediate full refund.

Every cent.

And we’ll still be friends.

No worries and no need to cringe, because there will be no questions asked.

Your “reason why” is not important. Your satisfaction is.

Bottom line: your 100% complete satisfaction for my millionaire-maker plan is fully guaranteed for 30 days. Or I INSIST you accept a full, fast, and complete refund.

Look… Because of this plan, I know exactly where we’re going. I know how to get there. And I want to bring you with me across that 7-figure threshold to your FIRST million! So, go ahead, click on the button below now…


You Get $34,127 Savings in the
First Three Years Alone!

Under the old, annual renewal plan…

It wasn’t uncommon for members to keep renewing year after year.

In fact, with the staggering amount of wins they generated, three years was a given for many investors.

Three years of $14,073 in value comes to $42,219.

Now, subtract your one-time membership due, and a small annual maintenance fee of $199…

Your savings is an amazing $34,127 for the first three years.

In fact, after 10 years, you save an incredible $131,245 in expenses.

Most investors don’t realize how much they spend over the course of a decade. It’s shocking, but now you can see why it’s a wise choice to be with a lifetime Associate with FREE lifetime membership in Inner Circle.

But Now You Are at a Crossroads

You have a choice before you now — one that can change your life.

You can continue to keep on doing what you’ve been doing…

But if what you’ve been doing has given you your first million, you wouldn’t have read this far.

Chances are, you’re not completely happy with the results you’ve got.

Right now, this very minute, you have to ask yourself if the same, old thing is what you want.

Or if, instead, there’s a new horizon before you, where you can leave behind all your doubts, fears, and failures of the past.

You can be one of the lucky 4 who shatter that seven-figure barrier quickly by averaging more than one positive return each week… with me beside you, every step of the way to help.

I’d love to have you along. So, go ahead, click the button below now. You’re fully guaranteed. Besides, it’s just a preview.

But, as I said earlier…

There IS a Catch

Remember, I said this offer is off the table the moment the 4 membership spots are claimed…

Whichever comes first.

After these spots are gone, your opportunity to become one of the 1,700 new millionaires created every day (as cited by Fortune, Bloomberg, and the Boston Consulting Group) vanishes.

So, please, I urge you… don’t miss out on this epic opportunity. We haven’t seen this many millionaires being created this fast for many decades.

It’s time to seize the moment!

PLUS, when you add in everything you’re getting…

PLUS the gains you can make during ANY market conditions — without worries or fear…

PLUS the soaring wins you’ll make when you’re guaranteed an average of one win per week to help beef up your portfolio to a million-dollar net worth as an Associate in my Inner Circle trading business…

PLUS the fact that you have a 2-way “No Cringe” guarantee…

Member Ruth Said…

“I have only had membership for less than 2 weeks. I started out slow with your recommendations and am up MORE THAN the annual subscription amount…”

PLUS the fact that payback for your investment as an Associate should be almost instantaneous, at an average double- or triple-digit gain each week (perhaps within your 30-day preview period)…

PLUS the fact that I’ll throw in a FREE trip to New York to have dinner with me, all expenses paid…

I think you’ll agree, this is one offer you can’t afford to miss.

Besides, there’s no reason to pass on this when it’s completely risk-free.

Remember, it’s only a preview. Go ahead, get your “no strings attached” preview for the next 30 days:

And, with the tremendous $14,073/year value you’re getting, it’s just too good to pass up.

So, take me up on my invitation. You have nothing to lose.

I urge you to do it now, because we expect to have buy-ins for our 4 new Associate positions fast.

Simply claim your 30-day preview today. Click the button above, because you’re not risking one cent.

A Final Word, From Me to You

Joining as an Associate in my Inner Circle trading business will change your life forever.

You’re trading a lifetime of meager or average gains for a lifetime of wealth… and a lifetime of excitement and adventure.


By playing stocks for consistent, dependable, and reliable gains, which is exactly what my Associates do in Inner Circle.

And you’re about to find out…

It’s more than just building wealth.

With the caliber of these recommendations, you’ve hit it big time, participating in the biggest financial markets in the world, in a big way.

You get a front row seat to the greatest show on earth! You take part in history-in-the-making as it unfolds before you. It’s real life, as few will ever witness it.

All the money, all the world intrigue, all the power, all the moves, with me beside you, holding your hand…

And you’re in the midst of it, with the same strategies I’ve used as an investment banker and professional trader.

And you’ll be able to hold your own against any of them.

This is the real world. A world that most individual investors could never hope to see.

And it’s yours for the taking. Reach out and grab it, for the sake of everyone you love.

Yours for Higher Profits,

Hilary Kramer 
The Investor Advocate

P.S. I stand 100% behind my members.

I will help you collect your FIRST million dollars by averaging at least one double- or triple-digit return every week as my Associate in my Inner Circle trading business for an entire year or I’ll rush you a complete 100% refund.

Plus, you get a no-questions-asked, no-cringe guarantee to cover every possible risk of being a member… as well as an enormous value of up to $14,073 each year, for life. 

And don’t forget about my private one-on-one meeting with all new Inner Circle members.

But, remember, I can only hold your spot open for the first 4 who sign up. So, click the button below now — I hope we’re not already full!