Hi, I’m Hilary Kramer.

If you’re not here to make money, then it’s probably best you stop reading now.

If that sounds brash, so be it.

I make no apologies… because when it comes to the market, I’m ruthless.

I’ll do anything in my power to secure winning investments for us. So if you’re a serious investor…

I’m here to show you a fast way to make 10X your money by using my 20-20 Trade.

How can I make a claim like that?

Because after two decades as a Wall Street insider…

I’ve made billions of dollars for my clients.

And much of that money comes from my breakthrough 20-20 Trade.

It’s the only system I know of that hands you 20% gains in 20 days, on average.

Now, I’m not your average trader. If I’m not on TV talking stocks, don’t expect to see me in miniskirts and high-heeled boots…

I love to hunt and shoot. I’ve pursued that sport from Texas to Scotland.

I also love my family, football and NASCAR. Otherwise, the thing I care most about?

Making money for myself and my traders.

And I walk my talk… because I make the same trades I recommend to my followers.

That’s why I go for the jugular when it comes to trading.

If YOU don’t make money, I don’t make money.

And I could care less what anyone thinks.

Look, I’ve got some of Wall Street’s biggest brokers, fund managers and investment bankers on speed-dial.

And when I ring them, they know it’s no social call. They know I want intel – and they expect the same in return.

Why would they leak high-value secrets to me?

Because they owe me. Like I said, I’ve made billions for them.

They’re indebted to me for the rest of their lives.

So I make them pay up whenever I can.

Adding their insights to my own private research…

And making fortunes for traders like you by using the 20-20 Trade.

But let me be clear: This isn’t for everyone.

We’re not playing with Monopoly money.

But if you’re willing to hear me out…

I’ll show you – by compounding our wins – how we grew a $10,000 account into $109,962…  in five months.

Even if you’re working with a small account, the balance can skyrocket faster than you can even imagine.

So, if you follow my 20-20 Trades, you can be on your way to rapidly creating a seven-figure retirement.

Let’s go over the exact details of how the 20-20 Trade is the fastest, easiest way to 10X your retirement account… in as little as five months.

Do you doubt me?

Let’s fix that now…

Here’s Proof

Even in this year’s horrible volatility…

If you started with a mere $10,000 in your account…

And if you compounded each win together…

By mid-May alone, you’d be sitting on $109,962.

That’s a gain of 1,099% in under five months. Now before I show you this chart, first I want you to notice three things:

  1. These are our actual 20-20 Trades, starting with just $10,000 in an account.
  2. You’ll see our gain from each trade in the middle column.
  3. And you’ll see our compounded total in the far-right column.

Look at the red arrow. It points to the final total: $109,962.

You’re looking at just 11 trades, each reinvested into the next.

In less than five months during some of the choppiest markets imaginable…

Our 11 winning trades averaged more than 20% each.

That’s not unusual for the 20-20 Trade.

So, now you see how fast you could’ve turned a $10,000 initial stake into as much as $109,962.

Our average win?

Our target is 20% in 20 days.

That’s why we call it the 20-20 Trade

But our average is actually higher than 20%.

And our time in these trades is actually much less than 20 days.

Get this: We collect two winning trades per month, on average.

Why Does The 20-20 Trade Pay Us So Much…
And So Often?

It pays off so well because we’re not greedy.

We just take the easier and smaller wins.

By going for this “low hanging fruit,” we often exceed our target of 20%… and in less than 20 days, on average.

And that was enough to turn $10,000…

Into a stunning $109,962 in less than five months. 

Now maybe you think targeting a 20% gain doesn’t seem like much.

That is, until you use the power of compounding one trade into the next trade.

THAT is the engine behind our earnings.

Instead of going after triple-digit wins, which carry high-risk and can lead to heavy losses…

We stack up smaller, safer trades.

And compounding 11 of them together in five months, gave us a gain of 1,099%…

Without the insane risk of swinging for the fences every time.

Let’s sum this up:

In under five months (including the COVID-19 market crash) using average trades of 22.15%… you could’ve started with $10,000, and grown it into $109,962.

And that’s just for starters.

With the market whipsawing back and forth…

We’ve already identified which sectors will come out on top (as you’ll see in a moment).

And you could make twice as much in the NEXT five-month window by playing these red-hot sectors.

It only takes about 20 minutes each week – and the key to it is in our compounding part.

It shows you why…

My 20-20 Strategy Generates All Kinds of Gains…Even If The Market’s Crashing

If you go for these easy 20% quick-hitters…

They’re not hard to find, even when the Dow drops like a rock.

Like on February 24, during the first week of the market downturn.

We closed out a 64% gain in the Energy Sector ETF (XLV).

Yes, a 64% return is bigger than the 20% we targeted.

But it all evens out. 

Now on March 18…

Just before the Dow hurtled downward towards its bottom…

The market had a quick uptick of almost one full percent.

At the same time, we found a nice uptrend in Walmart (WMT). So we made a trade during the market’s modest 1% gain.

But Walmart went up 32% during the same timeframe.

Look at how the Dow stalled, while Walmart delivered great gains for my traders:

Total time in trade? Just two days.

Three days after we closed this trade, the crash hit its March 23 bottom.

And as we started to climb up from it… many Main Street investors stayed on the sidelines. But we were buying like it was a Black Friday Sale at Target – with even more quick wins:

28% from Intel in 7 days… while the Dow dropped 1.76%.

And a 35% gain from Walmart (for a second trade!) in just one day… while the Dow dropped 6.9%.

And a 28% gain from Energy Sector EFT. It took just two days… while the Dow dropped 1.6%.

As you can see, the 20-20 Trade hands us money…

Before a crash… During a crash… And after a crash.

In fact, booms and busts are irrelevant to the 20-20 Trade.

So no, we don’t really care what the market’s doing when we can pocket gains like…

Each of these trades paid over 20% plus returns, in an average of less than 20 days.

That, in a nutshell, is the 20-20 Trade.

Here’s A Secret

Even during the toughest times, I still keep a “watch list” of stocks that pass my 20-20 criteria.

Which means every day, in every market condition, there’s ALWAYS a winning stock trade raring to go when the time is right.

Which also verifies what I said a moment ago:

A dropping Dow means nothing to me… Not when I have a hopper full of great companies ripe for trading.

That’s where both XLV and Walmart sat, just before we pulled the trigger.

They became just two of our quick winning trades – at 64% and 32% – even during the market crash.

Again, those are higher than the 20% we shoot for. Sometimes it works out that way…

Like those 11 trades we’ve made, as of May 2020, averaging over 20%.

If you ask my traders, they win so much and so often, they feel like they’re always in the middle of a huge rally.

I’ll bet you’d like to feel that way, too. So I’m going to show you what I’ve already shown them:

How to make these 20-20 Trades yourself, starting today.

I’m letting you in on my single biggest secret. It’s reserved for my ultra-rich traders… even if they didn’t start that way.

They were everyday people, from all walks of life.

Many are retired, proving that it’s never too late to make a fortune.

One of my traders, Jim, wrote me with his great results:

“I signed up with a skeptical view… (after four months) my account value has increased 95%… so I am grateful for Hilary’s exceptional guidance…”

And Don, who’s nearly jumping for joy:

“After 10 trades (didn’t count AMZN) I am averaging 30%+… in just 2.5 weeks of trading! Thanks, Hilary!!”

Or Pastor Rick, who declared:

“Hi, I just joined your company three days ago. I have followed your recommendations and closed out two successful trades already. One for a 24% return with Citigroup, the other a 19% return in a few hours with GILD.”

One man I met at a recent MoneyShow conference announced he’s buying a BMW!

These investors are excited.

I’ll bet you’re feeling excited, too.

And it only takes about 20 minutes each week. You see…

The 20-20 Trade Is Money Made Simple

Again, we target only 20 days on average per trade

Often times, we cash in after only 10 days per trade, on average.

In other words, you follow my lead and make the trade. Just 10 days later, you’re out with a 20% gain, on average.

Just imagine how different your life would be if you never feared a market collapse, raking in big gains on the rallies…

And even making money when the market’s going nowhere.

Well, you don’t have to imagine, once you get access to my 20-20 Trade.

With this strategy, you can turn even a small account into a 6-figure heavyweight by compounding your gains…

Or turn a 6-figure account into a million-dollar giant by compounding.

Like I said earlier, I’m all business.

I’m here to make both of us money.

Maybe you’ve seen me on Fox, CNBC, CBS and ABC. I usually talk about how I’m tracking the flows of money in and out of sectors, stocks and ETFs.

That’s because the flood of U.S. dollars is always in motion.

And I’m tracking every current, every ripple, every move for you and me… While getting us in and out of trades quickly, with minimum market exposure.

Look, I’m no blue-blood.

I grew up in Manhattan South, back when it was rife with crime and drugs. It was just my Mom and I, living hand-to-mouth.

But my Mom believed in me. She made sure I buckled down and studied hard.

I got scholarships to Wesley and later to Wharton Business School.

Through grit and determination, I graduated at the top of my class – one of the youngest to ever do so.

I was highly recruited by the big Wall Street investment banks and brokers.

My first day on the job was Black Monday 1987, and on that day I spent every cent I could, buying bargains in the crash…

And creating millions for my clients during the rebound. That’s what I see you and me doing over the coming months and years.

That is, if you’re willing to take me up on my 20-20 Trade strategy. So now let me show you…

How my wealth-building 20-20 Trade works.

It starts with a guide I’ve put together, and I’m going to give you a copy for FREE.

It explains my 20-20 Trade in two parts (I like to keep it simple).

FIRST: We gather a watch list of the Top 30 elite companies to trade.

SECOND: We keep a close eye on our watchlist for an opportunity to enter a trade. Here’s what I mean:

#1: Building Our Watch List

I mentioned sectors earlier. This is where they can make us rich.

How? My team and I scan more than 5,000 stocks and ETFs continuously.

We track where the funds are flowing…

And we simply follow the money.

In fact, we watch the money flow into the hotter sectors from the weaker ones…

Right now, it’s headed into techs… and out of banks and financials.

Once we spot the strongest sectors, we drill down to find the companies with the strongest fundamentals.

We screen for fundamentals because it’s an extra layer of protection for you.

Look, you can trade a stock whose price looks like it’s a rocket on the chart.

But without strong fundamentals, the stock may very well soon collapse.

So we use a rigorous fundamental screening process at the very start.

The criteria is tough.

It’s based on ratios, earnings, debt-load, liquidity and other indicators I won’t bore you with.

That’s why we use banks of computers to automatically scan, evaluate and update each company continuously.

And either accept or reject their stock. Only the best stocks and funds make it.

#2: Trading Our Watchlist

Once a stock or fund is qualified…

We look to see how they’ve performed for us in the past. Every stock has its quirks and weird little twists.

And history has a habit of repeating itself.

It’s almost like each familiar stock draws a little profit map for us.

Currently, there are over 30 stocks we know like the back of our hand.

We see them every day.

We could recite their figures in our sleep.

And we go back to them many times.

Last year, we traded Qualcomm (QCOM) for three huge wins:

In one year, we hit Range Resources (RRC) for three nice gains as well:

In another year, Google (GOOGL) paid us three times:

Goldman Sachs (GS) has also been very good to us, and many times over:

See the advantages of trading the same winning stocks for many “repeat performances?”

And I’ve only shown you a glimpse of the 30+ different companies we’ve double-, triple- and quadruple-dipped into…

They pay off big.

And this gives us a powerful edge over other traders:

We know a stock’s behavior, giving us a predictable, repeatable advantage…

Because we can repeatedly play and replay these best-in-breed stocks for predictable wins…

Just like I learned in the trenches as a trader on Wall Street.

I call this “The Predictive Secret of the Wealthy 1%.”

You’ll get detailed instructions on my predictive secrets to making the 20-20 Trade in one brief, money-making guide.

It’s simple enough that you can get up to speed in a single sitting.

Yet the profits are big enough to last you a lifetime. That’s because it gives you an advantage over other traders.

Instead of wading through hundreds of stocks, websites, analysts’ scores and statistics…

You’ll simply get your top 30 watch list, and get ready as I cherry-pick the top plays for you…

Until one of their fundamentals start to slip.

That’s our warning sign.

And we’ll drop that stock like a bad habit… then replace it with a new winner.

Now, how exactly do we trade the stocks that pass all our tests and become one of the top 30?

We don’t. Not until their time is right.

But using two simple indicators, we can time our entries and exits with near consistent precision.

Once we’re in a trade, since we’re already familiar with most of these 30 stocks price-action, (remember, we’ve traded them many times before)…

We can predict and manage their likely behavior.

And use these same indicators to tell us when to exit a stock…

And pay us an average win above 20% in less than 20 days. 

It’s a high-probability trade.

No need for us to get greedy. Let’s stay in the safe-zone, because you can slice these little 20% gains off of bigger trends, like you were cutting pieces from a pie.

And like I said earlier, it’s repeatable. Almost predictable, in fact. Once you know the system, it’s like they’re all cookie-cutter trades.

Then, you stack-up four or five of these 20% trades together, and you’ve got 100% total – doubling your money – while slashing your risk.

You’ll find my complete system outlined in “The Predictive Secret of the Wealthy 1%.”

This is my plan for averaging two or more 20-20 Trades per month…

Even though we sometimes end up with 41%… 65%… even 154%…

We play it safe by targeting 20% in 20 days.

Now, since “The Predictive Secret of the Wealthy 1%” reveals high-level Wall Street trading secrets, I don’t let this information out to the public.

So even though I’d say this guide is worth as much as $1,000 or more.

I can’t really put a price on it, because it’s not available for sale.

But, I have a way for you to get it within the next 24 hours… and you won’t pay one dime for it.

However, I will ask you to not disclose its contents to ANYONE.

More on this in a minute. But first, I have a question for you:

What Are YOU Willing To Do For
An Average 20% Gains In 20 Days?

I ask that question seriously.

Because an investment that opens one day – and closes in the next 20 days – is an aggressive investment.

This many wins, this fast, is not for everyone.

But if you want the big money, you must be able to do three things:

  1. Carry a cellphone and look at your texts – or monitor your email each day. Why? Because a 20-20 Trade starts one day and could close at anytime in the next 20 days. It sometimes closes the same day. You need to be able to get either my texts or emails. But who doesn’t carry a cellphone nowadays?
  2. Download and read a brief ten-page manual describing the investments I will recommend to you in a moment.
  3. Enter a few simple numbers and letters into your online account – or read them over the phone to your broker.
Here’s one of these numbers you would have entered for Facebook: FB 150327C00079000.

It’s simpler than it looks. Yet that trade won 24% in a day’s time. Even a 12-year-old can type fifteen numbers into a web browser.

I’ll explain what those numbers mean in just a minute. But for now, all you have to do is type a few letters and numbers like those into your online brokerage account.

Do you think you can handle those three things… for 20% gains in 20 days per average winning trade…

And average two or more of these wins per month?

It’s the easiest money you’ll ever make.

Now, the numbers above in the Facebook trade look a little strange, I’ll admit.

They are the numbers of simple stock contracts.

And by contract, I mean that, instead of the actual stock, you buy a contract for 100 shares of the stock.

It’s like you are renting the stocks with an option-to-buy. Sure, you’ll pay a small amount for that option-to-buy.

Often times, it will be about one-tenth of the cost of the stock itself.

But you get to turn around and sell a winning option-to-buy within 20 days for a 20% gain, on average.

Not too tough for entering 15 numbers into a web browser.

This is a simple play which Warren Buffett has been using for decades.

And to think – some people believe that option contracts are hard.

They are wrong.

If a 12-year-old can enter a winning options contract…

What’s Your Excuse?

Could it be fear of the unknown?

That’s a crock. If you read the above section (if you didn’t, scroll up and read it now) you already know more about options than 98% of the American public.

And I promise you, just like the other guide above, in just one sitting, you’ll read it cover-to-cover.

But after THIS guide, you’ll be buying and selling options like a pro-level trader.


With the same trading tactics I used to train my new traders when I was a fund manager.

At only ten pages it’s called The Option Apprentice’s Playbook.

Valued At $200… BUT NOT FOR SALE…
You Can Get It FREE For The Next 24 Hours!

In just ten pages…

You’re going to get the easiest and fastest plain-English introduction to simple options.

You should be able to breeze through The Option Apprentice’s Playbook in one sitting. And you’ll get my high-profit secrets for playing options in this downloadable guide of just ten pages. You’ll get EVERYTHING you’ll need to know… and it won’t cost you a penny!

Yet, it may be the single most powerful money-maker you have ever read.

So let me give you a sneak peek at what’s inside:

Think of it this way:

By Page 3, you’ll have a solid understanding of what an option is, and how you can turn a small amount of money into a princely sum quickly… because options are probably the fastest way on earth to turn a “small amount of money” into a HUGE amount of money.

By Page 4, you’ll know how to consistently stuff your portfolio full of money with this simple options strategy. By then you’ll be chomping at the bit to start hauling in two or three 20-20 Trades each month on average… These returns can change your life forever.

The principles in this guide have helped hand me millions as a trader on Wall Street. And it’s trained many other investors to do the same.

Some were actually scared to death of options before they read it. By the time they finished, they wondered why they were ever afraid…

And were confidently beginning to plan for what they could do with the money they could make from their big wins.

Now, you’re probably wondering how to get your hands on The Option Apprentice’s Playbook.

Like my other guide above – The Predictive Secret of the 1% – this is NOT information I let out to just anyone.

It certainly has never been disclosed beyond members of my services, especially my group of High Octane Trader members (the name of my 20-20 Trades group)…

Or the traders that I took under my wing when I was a commercial fund manager.

It’s valued at $200.

But for the next 24 hours, I want you to have a special downloadable copy if you simply take a 30-day all-access preview of my High Octane Trader service…

The service that gives you the 20-20 Trades

And in 2020 alone, could have grown $10,000 into $109,962.

I must say…

Your Timing Couldn’t Be Better

I’m expecting the next three to six months to give us the most lucrative options trading environment we’ve seen in years!

As long as this volatile market continues, we’re going to clean up.

And after 736 wins in the past nine years…

You may say we’ve got this down to a science.

High Octane Trader’s made enormous sums of money for investors just like you.

It can accelerate your portfolio growth. It can put you on the path to achieving the wealth you want (and deserve).

For example, in my mid-thirties, I had enough money to retire to a tropical island and travel the world. But my love of investing and helping investors kept me in New York — so I could keep my finger on the pulse of Wall Street.

I’ve been told I’m a workaholic. Every time I get a good win for my clients, I feel a sense of accomplishment, like I’m making a difference in their lives.

I want to get that feeling with you, too.

But the foundations of my members’ financial lives involve this no-brainer way of playing options. I know I can always count on these quick profits being there for us in booms, busts and sideways markets.

I’m excited about giving you specially selected, high-return, quick-hit picks. Because, with these surefire plays…

You’ll never fear not knowing what to invest in ever again.

A FREE All-Access 30-Day Preview Entitles You To ALL The Regular Benefits Of Membership Like:

That’s a total value of $4,600… yet your final price will be only a fraction of that.

You must respond within 24 hours to get membership to the amazing 20-20 Trades, and all these bonuses that come with it.

Now, I could easily get $4,600 a year from the “big guns” I used to work with on Wall Street. They’d jump at the chance for a stream of option picks like they’ll get every month with High Octane Trader.

But a $4,600 a year service puts High Octane Trader out of reach for most individual investors.

Even charging a $3,000 membership fee will not get my recommendations into the hands of the kind of investors I want to help…

I’m talking about the middle-class investors like my family and friends.

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth…

So I’m going back to my roots to reach the people I think matter: The hard-working Americans with a backbone that make our country as great as it is today. 

Of course, many pro-level traders would tell you to get two-to-three new 20-20 Trades a month, on average… at a price like $1,995 a year would be a steal.

That’s actually the full price we charge for one year of High Octane Trader. (But not for you, as you’ll see in a moment.)

These people would say $1,995 is entirely affordable…

Because they’d likely have the opportunity to cover their membership fee from their wins during the first few weeks of their High Octane Trader preview.

So you can see why some people would willingly plop down $1,995 up front…

The payback on their investment could be nearly instantaneous.

But There’s More…

Since I care about my members’ profits during this market volatility…

I don’t want you to pay the regular $1,995 today.

When you join today, I’ll knock $1,000 off the regular price. That means you’ll pay just $995!

That’s a paltry $2.72 a day – less than a breakfast special or a cup of coffee nowadays – for investments that will change your life forever.

Is this membership too expensive for you? Then your decision is simple:

Don’t Join

If that gets your gander up, that’s alright.

It just tells me you’re NOT the right kind of investor for this membership.

I make no bones about it…

This is an aggressive service. We take our profits fast.

Making 20% trades in under 20 days isn’t for everyone.

Look, I really don’t want anyone to become a member of High Octane Trader unless they are 100% thrilled to join.

Trading is my passion.

I give high-level, personal service to my members… and stay in constant contact with them.

And I’m not inclined to do that with someone who isn’t enthusiastic about making a lot of money, fast.

But if you want to rake in cash quickly, then you’re my kind of trader…

And I’m with you all the way!

When you do the math, it’s a no-brainer:

As I said, the fee comes out to $2.72 a day. Chicken feed. 

And I commit to delivering a steady stream of double-digit winners in an average of 20 days.

This is an opportunity you may never have in front of you again.

But the choice is completely yours.

Either Way, You Have A Life-Changing Decision
In Front Of You Now

You can glide down the path to millionaire status with me… or continue to struggle with your investing.

It’s your choice.

You can continue to sit on the sidelines in fear, as taxes and inflation eat up your nest egg.

You can worry about every penny you could lose… and every opportunity you will lose, when you see the options I recommend bring average wins of 20% in 20 days.

Again, as of May 2020, our wins would have transformed $10,000 into $109,962.

So, will you be with me before the next winners roll in?

There could be two or more after the next opening bell. So, I want you to activate your 30-day all-access preview now.

Still, In Case You Have Even
A Shred Of Doubt…

Let me clear that up for you.

You’ve seen my 20-20 Trade work.

You’ve seen how fast and simple it is – and how I’ll hold your hand every step of the way.

So, today, I’m giving you the opportunity to claim a 30-day all-access preview at an incredible discount.

Track your earnings… put them under a microscope… and check out my past performance.

You must agree that High Octane Trader is everything I said it is.

If for any reason – any reason at all – you wish to cancel in the first 30 days, I insist you accept an immediate refund of every cent of your membership.

The only way I want you to stick around is if you are 100% thrilled to be with us.

You MUST be completely satisfied with the investments I give you or I will RUSH you an immediate full refund. Every cent. No questions asked.

Remember, we use the same lucrative trade on the same proven companies over and over again.

This strategy has paid off many times over…

Last year, we traded Qualcomm (QCOM) for three fat wins:

One year, we hit Range Resources (RRC) for three nice gains:

Another year, Google (GOOGL) paid us three times:

Goldman Sachs (GS) has also paid us often. Here are just three times:

You see the advantages of trading the same winning stocks for many “repeat performances?”

You’ve only seen a glimpse of the 30 different companies we’ve double-, triple- and quadruple-dipped into.

These stocks almost become predictable in many ways.

And they pay off big.

But There Is A Catch…

Remember earlier I said this is a limited time offer? That means I can only guarantee this ridiculously low price for the next 24 hours.

There is no waiting list. If you snooze, you’ll lose.

I think you’ll agree, this is an offer you can’t afford to miss.

And at just $2.72 a day for 20% gains… two or three times a month on average…

It’s just too good to pass up.

To get started, click the button below right now, and you’ll be redirected to another page to review everything you get.

See you soon!

Yours for Higher Profits,

Hilary Kramer 
Editor, High Octane Trader