Give Your Valentine the Gift of a Lifetime!

The Rose Pendant is unique, elegant, inexpensive and guaranteed to please… there are only
49 available, so get yours today!

With today’s jewelry, it is rare to find pendants, rings, and necklaces made from pure 24K gold and silver — most jewelers prefer sterling silver and 14- or 18- karat gold, and often avoid pure silver and gold altogether because they complain it’s too soft and expensive.

But the Gold Rose on Silver Pendant is layered in pure, 24-karat gold. The Rose rests on a background of pure silver — and as you can see from the picture, the contrast in these precious metals is spectacular. This gold and silver medallion is placed in a sterling silver teardrop bezel, which hangs from a matching 18-inch sterling sliver chain.

Each piece is a “minted product” using pure silver produced from the same processes used to create legal tender coins such as nickels, dimes and quarters. Once each piece is struck, it is affixed to a custom designed teardrop bezel for the most elegant display.

The Rose Pendant:

  • Does not wear out, fade, or wilt…
  • Is made from pure silver and 24K gold — a precious metal for the precious person in your life…
  • Is affordable — especially for a sophisticated piece of jewelry — and with the price of silver and gold rising, this could easily increase in value and become a family heirloom…
  • Is not available in jewelry stores.

Simply put, The Rose Pendant is beautiful, different and sure to be a hit with that special someone in your life. Order today for your valentine… or surprise your daughter or granddaughter on Valentine’s Day to show them how much you love them and put a big smile on their face!

Since we are the creators and oversee the manufacturing of The Rose Pendant, we’re able to offer you a tremendous deal at a greatly reduced price! It’s yours today for only $199!

Just fill out the order form below with your payment. We will promptly ship your pendant directly to you or to anyone you designate. Each pendant is beautifully packaged in a handsome jewelry box at no extra cost.

We only have 49 pendants left and once they’re sold out, that’s it… they are gone. So don’t delay. Order yours today!

To ensure delivery of your Rose Pendant for Valentine’s Day, we must receive your order by February 5. After that date, we can still take orders and ship pendants, but they may not arrive in time for Valentine’s Day.