Dear Investor,

In the three decades I’ve been trading…

It’s the fastest – and easiest – way I know of to build a million-dollar retirement.

  1. You literally copy the trades from your email or browser…
  2. Paste them into your trading account (or just type them in if you like)…
  3. And watch your balance mushroom to over $1 million.

Sound too good to be true? 

Let me show you PROOF.

Look closely at the red arrow below:

The red arrow is pointing at a $1.13 million-dollar gain.

“A one-woman financial powerhouse…”

— Financial Times

“…Joyful gains rather than portfolio-shrinking heartache.”

— Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief, Forbes magazine

“Hilary Kramer’s encyclopedic knowledge of individual stocks is exceeded only by her enthusiasm for sharing her ideas with average investors.”

— Randall Forsyth, Editor-in-Chief,

Any trader — even a beginner, starting with only $10,000…

Copying-and-pasting only 19 trades that I gave my Million-Dollar Mentoring club…

One double-digit gain at a time…

And using the magic of compounding (re-investing your wins)…

Would today be sitting on top of $1,137,022.

These are actual trades that I gave to my private Million-Dollar Mentoring club — no theory, no back-testing B.S…

Just 19 genuine trades, starting with only $10,000… and not adding a single dime more.

Instead, I rolled the profits into the next winning trade…

And so-on, until my Million-Dollar Mentoring club members copied-and-pasted their way into an amazing 7-figure profit.

Clearly, my Turbo Trader system puts you in the right place at the right time for big wins. And in my club, that means $1,137,022 worth of wins.

And as you can see by the ticker symbols… these are simple investments — no commodities, no futures, no Forex… nothing weird.

Each of these are double-digit returns. You could have used these simple double-digit returns, starting with a mere $10,000, and built a million-dollar account in 19 trades, had you been a member of our club.

Which means you can do this too… if you simply copy-and-paste the trades you get on my website. This means you must follow the three easy steps I’ll show you shortly.

And as soon as you see its simplicity, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll use this system yourself.

But There’s a Catch:

The Experts Can’t Get Enough of Hilary

By Roger Michalski
Vice President, Eagle Financial

Hilary is a financial celebrity in the media. Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN, and Fox Business News compete for her appearances.

Plus, you’ll find her regularly in MarketWatch, Wall Street Journal, and Forbes.

She was groomed by the elite at Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers, making her first million at the tender age of 30.

Call it youthful exuberance, but she got very excited making her clients rich… eventually growing a $1 billion fund into a $5 mega-power, putting her among some of Wall Street’s legends.

She finally retired after two decades on Wall Street, with personal wealth in the millions.

She’s since authored two books, and manages five profitable investing services. Now, why bother reaching out to Main Street, when she’s already achieved financial super-stardom?

Her main goal is to help as many individual investors as possible burst through the 7-figure barrier to become millionaires.

Hilary says, “Wealth-building for my members is still the biggest thrill I get today. It’s a real rush for me to see someone struggling to save for retirement, and to suddenly turn everything around… for them to become a millionaire in just a handful of years!

That’s Hilary, all the way. She’s one of a kind.

Each time we open membership, we take only 50 people into the Million-Dollar Mentoring club.

And I expect those openings to fill up fast. Why?

Because it doesn’t happen often.

But, for the next few days only…

I’m throwing open the gates to my Turbo Trader Million-Dollar Mentoring club.

Which means, in the next week, I’ll welcome a new crop of 50 traders. And, with the trades I’m going to let them copy-and-paste, I’ll help them burst through the 7-figure barrier at warp speed.

That’s the catch: It’s a small, exclusive club. I keep it small to give each trader the attention they deserve.

And with only 50 spots available, we could fill up overnight.

But before we go any further, you may be wondering…

“How is it possible to turn $10,000 into a
million dollars with
just 19 trades?”

It’s as easy as copying my trades from my email, text, or website…

And then “pasting” them into your trading account.

I show you what to buy. I show you when to buy. And then I show you when to sell, so you can take your profits.

All it takes is 3 simple steps to make this system work for you.

Simple Step #1: Open an email from me, or a text, when it comes, and do as I recommend.

And do it with confidence, because my Turbo Trader system hands you an average of two double-digit gains each month.

Sometimes, you’ll get three double-digit gains in a month.

But you’ll always average at least two.

Here’s what that means to you: You’ll have the ability to average — at minimum — two gains of 10% or more, each month.

Really? Over 10%… twice a month?

The Dow or the S&P 500 only average 10% gains for an entire year.

Yet my private Turbo Trader Million-Dollar Mentoring club has raked in 189 double-digit gains over the last six years… by simple copying-and-pasting my trades.

Simple Step #2: Invest in safe trades that have a high probability of making profits.

In other words, the trades I recommend are low-hanging fruit — the easy stuff. And by easy, I mean simple double-digit gains. Fast, safer, lower-risk investments that you can get in-and-out of quickly.

But what about those big triple- and quadruple-paying returns some people brag about? Why don’t we go for the monster-sized wins, right off the bat?

Because not only are double-digit wins far less risky… we only needed 19 of them to get $1,137,022.

Even though the average gain among them was “only” 29.56%.

Maybe 29.56% on average doesn’t seem like much. But at the risk of repeating myself… it only took 19 of them to make us $1.3 million.

It’s your choice. Compound these easy, safe, double-digit wins into a million dollars…

Or you can go out on a limb for the high-risk triple- or quadruple-digit returns…

But, after 30 years in the markets, I have yet to find someone who traded their way to a fortune with triple- or quadruple-digit gains. Why?

They’ve usually been sunk by too many triple- or quadruple-digit losses.

Frankly, I don’t want to trade with that much risk. I want to make a million dollars the easy way. The “copy-and-paste” way.

Frank R. wrote to me, excited about how easy these trades are, including a “…23.7% gain in 10 days. I could get spoiled by this!”

It’s my pleasure and my privilege to spoil my Million-Dollar Mentoring club members with fast, double-digit copy-and-paste gains…

Like Jeff P., who proclaimed, “Thank you Hilary for the heads up sell signal before the market opened, allowing me to make a profit of 11% on Barrick Gold (ABX) in only eight days!”

These double-digit gains, when turned around quickly, and reinvested, lead to big bucks fast. In what you saw above, it only took 19 of these safer double-digit gains to make my Million-Dollar Mentoring club members their first million.

And it’s the same strategy that made me a millionaire at the ripe old age of 30… and made me a multi-millionaire by age 35.

Which leads us to…

Simple Step #3: Compound your double-digit trades.

What does “compound” mean?

Easy. Just take your first win and roll it over into your next trade, and so on.

That’s what I recommended: Simple little double-digit trades…

Reinvesting the money and profits from those trades into your next win is called “compounding.”

And it came out with a $1,137,022 in just 19 trades for Main Street investors like you.

This is the magic of compounding. Reinvesting your wins in the next trade, without pulling any cash out until you reach your goal. It’s how you can turn just $10,000 into a million dollars with these safer double-digit trades.

Each time you compound these simple trades (reinvest your gains into another winning trade)… your trading account grows exponentially.

Now, “exponentially” means your gains seem to start off slow. After all, you’re only starting with $10,000. But, given a little time, your gains start to accelerate, as you can follow on the line of the chart below:

With Turbo Trader, that exponential growth accelerates each trade… until you hit your goal of a $1 million trading account:

That’s exactly what would have happened for you if you had rolled each trade into the next one. It simply works.

These 3 simple steps add up to HUGE gains fast. Look at what investors would have gotten in the same time frame, playing the usual investments of the Nasdaq tech stocks, Dow blue-chips, and the S&P 500:

The chart above shows you how much you’d have made in the same 5.5 years our Million-Dollar Mentoring club made $1,137,022.

Clearly, when you use my Million-Dollar Mentoring club’s “copy-and-paste” trades… you’re no longer struggling to beat the markets. You’re now in the major leagues, using many of the pro-level techniques I used as a Wall Street trader to grow a $1 billion fund into $5.2 billion. You’ll never again fumble around with average investors making bush-league investments.

Let’s review how simple this system is for you:

  1. Keep an eye on your email and make the trades I recommend.
  2. Copy-and-paste my high-probability double-digit gains
  3. Reinvest your winnings for a million-dollar trading account

And that is how you can easily copy-and-paste $1.13 million with just 19 trades.

Compounding safe trades works… and it continues to work until it stuffs your portfolio to the bursting point.

Now maybe you wonder…

What if the Market Crashes Again?

I need you to understand something…

I created Turbo Trader because investors asked me for a system that, no matter what the Dow’s doing, runs its own race, delivering profits year in, year out.

Look, when I was a high-stakes trader on Wall Street, I didn’t panic every time the market hiccupped… or even crashed.

And from this day forward, neither will you. Why?

Belonging to the Million-Dollar Mentoring club gives you privileges. You get the opportunity to play in the major leagues, with the same worry-free investments as professional traders.

Fretting over every dip, drop, and hiccup is now a thing of the past for you.

Let me prove this to you by showing you how Turbo Trader won during 2018’s losing markets:

Yet no matter how often 2018’s rollercoaster market soared and went “splat,” Turbo Trader closed out 25 winning trades, each marked by a red W:

Each of those wins averaged double-digits… while many traders were losing their shirts.

With that many wins in such heavy volatility…

Now you can see the full meaning of what I meant by trading in the “major leagues.”

It means this: You’re going to make oodles of money with a pro-level, million-dollar system regardless of what the Dow’s doing.

I’ve personally tested, used, and refined this system through more booms and busts than I can remember.

But that means you must think like a “major league” investor…

Because if you think like a “bush league” investor, it will cost you. How?

Bush-leaguers only dream of being in the pros. Most of them spend their time and money being uncertain, not knowing what to invest in… or (worse) sitting on the sidelines, afraid to invest during volatile markets… while million-dollar major-leaguers regularly scoop up fat, double-digit gains.  

If you’re investing “in fear,” then you’re neck-deep in the biggest threat facing your retirement right now:

Not trading with a consistent flow of wins… like my Million-Dollar Mentoring club has proven to deliver.

Like I said, I’ve been successfully trading for 30 years… and I’m here to tell you: This copy-and-paste system makes money no matter what the market does. Just like I’ve showed you.

Turbo Trader lets you sleep at night, knowing your money is steadily working for you, building you a secure and wealthy retirement.

That’s why George H. told me, “You just can’t imagine how much it puts me at ease each time I take in one of your critiques as to the market conditions and … your guidance.”

Joel, another member, agrees: “Your videos are so educational and very assuring of why we are doing what we do in the market.”

I promise you peace of mind while you make your fortune with me.

Now, I’d like to give you a sneak-peek at how this copy-and-paste system works. This is…

The Bread-and-Butter Strategy that
Made Me Rich

Since we concentrate mostly on double-digit returns…

And don’t hold out for those ridiculously risky triple-digit returns…

We’re free to slash our losses quickly.

As you make your first million dollars, you’ll discover…

It’s not just about the wins. It’s how we get them.

That means sticking to the plan I show you…

Which requires entering and exiting trades when I give you the signal.That means you’ll commit to slashing your losses fast. And making your safer, double-digit profits as quick as possible.

And all it takes is following simple directions I’ll email and text to you… which you’ll copy-and-paste into your trading account.

That’s your entire trading plan. It takes an hour or two of your time each month. Very easy. Now if you want a peek behind the scenes…

Here’s how our Million-Dollar Mentoring club’s Turbo Trader strategy works:

We trade anything that makes money. Nothing is off the table. If it makes money, we’re going to bank it.

Mostly, we research stocks that are about to explode into short-term profits. These are stocks with a specific catalyst that can catapult them upwards to quick gains.

We get in, hit our target, and get out — as quick as possible.

Now, making money from stocks in short-term profit-bursts may not be as exotic as multi-year triple- or quadruple-digit gains…

But you can bore me into being a millionaire any day.

Basically, you get the bread-and-butter trades I used to make me rich… and what I’ve found made my big money clients richer. And that’s quick, hit-and-run gains… not buying and holding for years at a time.

Frankly, you don’t last 30 years as a Wall Street trader — or build up a $5.2 billion fund — if you can’t make your clients money. So, we use these short-term profit bursts because I know they work.

Trading “profit bursts” means we don’t just depend on the market. We don’t wait for a turnaround. We simply focus on finding stocks with a fast, powerful upside potential, regardless of what the broader market is doing.

To be blunt: As a money manager, you don’t cheer if the market goes up, or cry when it goes down. You just do your job.

And your job is to make your people money if the market’s rising OR falling. Just so long as the market’s moving in either direction, it has profit potential. That means as Turbo Trader members, our Million-Dollar Mentoring club can copy-and-paste our way to a 7-figure retirement.

But remember the bad news:

Only 50 People Get In. 
Then the Doors Slam Shut.

I owe my reputation to helping traders reach their goals.

So, I can’t give intimate help and support to large groups of people.

That’s why I limit each new group to only 50 new traders. With just 50, it’s much easier to help them with enough double-digit gains to make them a million dollars.

Sure, it’ll be easy for you to copy-and-paste trades in my Million-Dollar Mentoring club… but I make sure I spend hours of in-depth research each week to keep it simple for you.

And here’s another thing: I don’t ever want my Turbo Trader club to get so big I’d have to hire a huge staff of 30 people just to answer emails. I want to keep it real and personal.

Oh, and just to be fair to our group of 50 new traders…

I’m going to be very selective about who I’m going to work with.

I want you to be enthusiastic and motivated, because one of the most satisfying, fulfilling things for me is when a trader has just closed-out a HUGE cash-heavy win. I’d love to hear from you when you do that…

Because I need your passion — and your excitement. Because, I’m not dragging anyone across the 7-figure finish line.

Which means I’m telling you upfront… if you’re a whiner and complainer, take it somewhere else.

We’re here to make money, not conduct group therapy.

Nor do I want you to be distracted by others whining or complaining as you progress towards achieving your million-dollar dream.

And to make sure you pocket these constantly-flowing double-digit wins as they propel you past the 7-figure barrier…

I’m going to give you a revealing look inside my system, with my private training guide:

How to Become a 5½-Year Millionaire
“The Turbo Trader Millionaire Handbook”

It’s time to get into the details of the bread-and-butter strategy that made me rich.

You’re going to get information I don’t share with anyone outside our Million-Dollar Mentoring club:

A Sneak Peek Inside Hilary’s Training Manual:

We target 10% per month… even though the S&P 500 traditionally makes 10% per year.

Once a particular position earns that 10% – unless it’s really hot – it makes sense to lock in that gain quickly, and move on to the next. We want our money to do the work in a single month that it takes the S&P 500 a year to achieve…

And now we have 11 extra months to trade again, because we didn’t take 12 months for that average 10% S&P 500 return.

Reducing our holding period lets us reinvest the same money again for yet another profit. Then we compound these profits, giving us another edge on the broad market, as our wins stack on each other in a shorter period of time. That’s the Turbo Trader edge.

Let me give you one secret now…

We don’t go after a rising stock just because it’s rising. We look for specific key fundamentals… because if a stock is all hype, without good fundamentals, you could lose at any time by trusting the market’s mood… and suffer a sharp reversal.

This is just part of the strategy that’s been the bread-and-butter of what I used to make me rich… and what I’ve found to make both my students and big money clients richer.

Trading well-screened plays means we don’t just depend on the market. We don’t wait for a turnaround. We simply focus on finding individual stocks with their own confirmed up trends AND solid fundamentals, regardless of what the broader market is doing.

Soon, when you trade on our level, you’ll likely know more about how the market works than your broker.

Remember, anything that makes us money is fair game.

You’re going to get detailed hand-holding for…

These four simple actions, once you understand them, have the power to pave your way to your first million and beyond. I know. I’ve been where you are now.

This one trading system can make you countless millions. Or, at least, I want to use it to help you make your first $1.13 million.

The normal price of this report? It doesn’t have a price. This information isn’t to be shared with just anyone. Not when we trade at this level.

I put a value of $97 on it.

But it’s really not for sale at any price.

This is the pinnacle of my 30 years of professional stock trading where I’ve made literally billions in profits. You can’t get it anywhere else.

I want you to have this report to build your future with. Simply click the button below now, and you can download it in seconds.

Of course, since I’ll be mentoring you with detailed analysis of every trade and market move, it’s yours for the taking, by simply claiming…

A 30-Day Trial Membership to My Elite
Turbo Trader Million-Dollar Mentoring Club

Look, I really don’t want anyone in this private group unless they are positively THRILLED about being here.

So I want to take the pressure off of you.

Go ahead… take it for a test-spin for 30 days, and let me know how you like it.

Take me up on my risk-free invitation to join us as a Turbo Trader Million-Dollar club member. I’m giving you a full-access pass for 30 days to make CERTAIN it’s everything I say it is.

That should be long enough for you to start seeing some sweet, lucrative returns… and for you and I to get to know each other.

During that time, you get:

With all of these resources, and two new double-digit wins each month…

Finally, that 7-Figure Retirement is
Within Your Grasp!

Why now?

It’s because I’m committed to walking you across that 7-figure threshold. And as you’ve seen, 19 (or under) double-digit trades, compounded together, can do it quickly.

As you look ahead — the day you achieve that millionaire status, you’ll know you’ve finally achieved life-long financial independence for yourself. For your family. For those you care about.

It will be one of the happiest moments of your life.

But why is it important to ME that you become a millionaire? Why do I keep driving on that goal?

I must admit… my reasons are somewhat selfish. It’s mostly because it’s very exciting for me to see individual investors make the same HUGE gains I used to get for my clients when I was working for the big money.

You see, I didn’t grow up rich. My family, my friends, the people I all know and love are Main Street Americans.

These are the kinds of people I want to see make a million. That’s where my heart is… not with making Wall Street millionaires into multi-millionaires.

However, I need to warn you. With these kinds of profits, our club has some overhead — mostly for our fees for office space, our high-speed network with the latest computers and data feeds, news feeds, exchange fees, running our website, and access to high-level research.

I formed this club by combining my top-two elite trading services: Absolute Capital Return and Breakout Stocks. I used to charge thousands for each of these services…

Until I opened our club and called it our Million-Dollar Club.

Now, even though I’m not charging thousands in subscription fees… we still have some overhead — nothing big.

To cover the costs of our Million-Dollar Club, and to get all of its benefits… one-year’s dues for membership normally costs $1,995. But for a very limited time, we’ve lowered the costs to $995 per member, which is all we need to stay afloat.

We really want to get the right kind of people making good money. People who are serious about trading and creating a million-dollar portfolio.

The good news is, you should be able to make back your “membership fee” in just a couple of trades.

If the membership fee still seems too expensive for you, please understand…

I’m Really NOT Encouraging You to Join

We’re going to have far more applications than the mere 50 we can take. We’ll probably end up with a waiting list.

50 openings aren’t very many… I’ve had more people than that at a house party.

I’m only looking for serious traders who want the big money.

No matter what the market is primed for – boom OR bust – the stocks I’m recommending have the power to give you boatloads of money.

You’ll just sit back and smile as you watch the money pour in.

Actually, you have to do more than watch. You’ll have to work as much as two hours each month, opening emails, and copying-and-pasting trades.

That’s about it. If it got any easier, I’d have to sign and deposit your profit-checks for you.

That’s why I can confidently say that your financial future can quickly change forever if you are lucky enough to grab one of the 50 spots before they’re sold out.

So, if you’re sitting on the fence, by all means…

Enjoy the view. Don’t hop down on my account.

As I said earlier, I only want people that are absolutely thrilled to get a shot at becoming one of 50 new millionaires.

I’m not going to talk anyone into joining us. I’ve already explained the service. You know what it is. You know its potential.

 And so do the many traders that will end up on the waiting list, wishing and hoping for a spot to open to get in.

This is my point: I know where we’re going, along with 50 other individual investors, just like you. And after 30 years making trades on Wall Street… I know HOW we’re going to get there.

And I’m extending my personal invitation for you to join us.

Which Means that You Are Now
At a Crossroads

You have a choice before you now. One that can change your life.

You can continue to keep on doing what you’ve been doing. But you’ll keep on getting the results you’ve always received.

Is that what you want?

If instead, you want to shatter that 7-figure barrier, and you meet the qualifications I laid out for you above…

I’d love to have you along. So…

Go ahead, click the button below right now. It’s fully guaranteed, as you’ll see in just a second… it’s one of the strongest guarantees I’ve seen.

And clicking the button below doesn’t obligate you to anything. What it will do is take you to a secure page, using the top web encryption available today, where you can claim your 30-day preview on my dime:

But still, in case you have the slightest bit of hesitation… the slightest shadow of a doubt…

Even though you KNOW joining us is the right thing to do…

Let Me Reassure You with
My Iron-Clad Double Guarantee

You’re getting unique protection. One that favors you, not me.

And since you’ll soon be a valued member of my Million-Dollar club, I wouldn’t want it any other way. So, here’s what I’m going to do:

I’m going to remove all risk from you and take it on my shoulders. I’m going to make sure you are protected with my unique “Zero-Risk Double Guarantee.”

Guarantee #1 — Earnings Guarantee:

You get two new double-digit winners (on average) every month, rain or shine.

So, go ahead… claim your spot in our Turbo Trader program and rest assured you’ll pocket 24 NEW double-digit winners in the next 12 months, just like I PROMISED.

Or you get a second year’s membership in the club on me. I’ll pay all your dues — plain and simple.

And I’ve never had to buy anyone a second year free yet… so it’s a safe bet you’ll average two new double-digit winners each month.

And on top of Guarantee #1, you also get…

Guarantee #2 — 100% Satisfaction:

Turbo Trader MUST meet or exceed your expectations in every way. You must be 100% satisfied with your membership.

If for any reason — any reason at all — you wish to cancel in the first 30 days, I will INSIST you accept an IMMEDIATE refund of every cent you put towards your share of the expenses. All $995.

If you like, make no final decision until midnight of the 30th day…

Because you must be completely delighted with your Turbo Trader membership. Or I will rush you an immediate full refund. Every cent.

No worries… and no questions asked.

And we’ll still be friends. Because if you don’t want to be here, I don’t want your money.

Bottom line: your complete satisfaction is fully guaranteed for 30 days.

And you are protected in two ways.

What could be fairer?

Click the button below now to apply for your membership:

You really should claim your 30-day preview. You have nothing to lose.

In fact, I expect most savvy members will use that 30-day preview to pay for their one-year’s membership dues.

It wouldn’t be the first time.

Just make sure you get in before the 50 slots are taken — or you risk being too late and getting placed on the waiting list.

Either way, I want to personally thank you for joining our club. Nice to have you. We’re going to enjoy making you a millionaire in the shortest possible time, like we just did with only 19 trades.

Yours for Bigger Profits More Often,

Hilary Kramer 
Editor, Turbo Trader

P.S. For the next 48 hours, I’m accepting 50 new traders to make a new group of millionaires… Last time, we did it with only 19 trades.

Even better, I’m extending a private invitation to you to get a FREE, no-risk preview membership for 30 days.

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