What if I showed you a proven method for piling up $1 million simply by making “small” gains consistently, month after month?

Would you be interested?

Well, this is a totally realistic goal, because I’ve done it myself, over and over again.

Starting with just $100,000, my simple, but effective, investing system can turn a $100,000 portfolio into as much as $1.1 million in just 48 months.

My name is Hilary Kramer. 

Perhaps you’ve seen me on Fox News or CNBC’s Power Lunch?

Or maybe you’ve read my articles in Forbes, Bloomberg, Seeking Alpha, MarketWatch or the Wall Street Journal.

I’ve been an equity analyst and wealth manager for decades, overseeing a $5.2 billion private equity fund and serving as co-vice chairman of the $500 million Ibero-American Partners Fund.

I also founded and built a global stock hedge fund that defied the 2008-2009 market crash and handed investors outstanding returns.

We were one of the handful who saw the credit crisis coming and managed to keep trading and making money during the market’s demise.

Today, I’d like to share with you our secret: how you can pile up an extra $1 million simply by hitting on two low-risk stock trades per month.

That’s enough extra cash to pay for state college tuition… not for one year, but for all four years…

Or to buy a brand-new BMW X5…

Or to take your significant other on a Baltic Sea cruise…

With substantially less risk than parking your money in equity index funds or long-term stocks.

So, if you’re retired or you’re planning on retiring someday, please stay with me for a few more moments. 

This could be the most important investing advice you hear this year.

What I will show you is a highly accurate form of swing trading that I call “turbo trading.”

With turbo trading, you take a small amount of money – say, 10% of your portfolio – and systematically capture gains of 10% to 20% very quickly, every 30 to 90 days.

The compounding profits from this small “turbo” portion of your portfolio let you keep the bulk of your money in conservative investments, away from the dangers of a market crash. 

Yet, these short-term “turbo” stock trades hand you annual returns that far outstrip anything index investing or “buy-and-hold” stock investing can typically deliver – and can hand you an extra $1.1 million in as little as 48 months.

For example, in the past few months, my “turbo trading” approach has captured gains like…

I have dozens more examples that I will share with you in a moment – all based on this turbo-trading approach. 

Here’s the essential point: these double-digit gains pile up fast, very quickly adding up to over a million bucks.

We hold these trades for only a short period of time, typically 30 to 90 days, and then reinvest the profits.

This allows us to compound our monthly gains and grow our trading account at a much more rapid rate.

Do we ever have any losers? Of course. But, because of our disciplined sell strategy, our winners far exceed our losers – and we’re able to keep our losers small.

For example, here are recent real-money results from one of my services when we closed out four trades in a single month: 

That’s an average gain of 7.3% per trade, even with the loser.

Now, that may not sound like much… but when you compound the profits like this every month, your account quickly explodes in value, growing to $1 million in just a few years.

Here’s how quickly a $100,000 trading account grows in a single year if it gains only 5% per month:

Now, I’ll tell you precisely how we’re able to capture these short-term profits repeatedly in just a moment.

First, let me explain why “turbo trading” the way we do it is so important right now… and the only realistic way to build your wealth safely in the current economic environment…

Investors Have Only Been Given a
False Choice Between Buy-and-Hold
And Market Timing… Until Now!

When it comes to stock investing, investors have been presented with a false choice: 

Either a “buy-and-hold” strategy that just hopes for the best in the face of regular market crashes, or…

A more pessimistic “market timing” approach.

Neither of these two stock investing methods work very well in the real world. Both are disastrous in our current situation of high volatility and an uncertain market.

The problem with buy-and-hold: Buy-and-hold investing can work well if you’re lucky enough to buy at the start of a bull market. 

You simply buy quality stocks… or an index like the S&P 500… and then ride the ups and downs of the market, confident it will all work out.  

Over 5, 10 or 15 years, you might earn, on average, about 10% a year.

But the problem with this approach lies with the reality that economists call “sequence of returns.” 

This simply refers to the order of annual market returns.

You see, when people tell you that the market has delivered a return of 10% over the past 30 years, what they fail to mention is that this is merely the average that ignores the “sequence of returns.” 

A lot depends upon when you get in the market.

For example, if you invested $100,000 in 2009, right at the start of the recent bull market, you would have seen your money grow into $387,700 over the past decade — with an “average” gain of 14.512% per year with dividends invested. Including dividends, that represents a total return of 287.7%. 

However, if you have the misfortune to invest when the market tanks or has a string of bad years – as, for example, in the early 2000s – then your performance over the coming decade would have been disappointing indeed. 

In fact, you could actually lose money over a decade. 

In the decade between 2000 and 2009, every $100,000 invested would have fallen in value to only $90,883 by 2009.

In other words: 

With buy-and-hold investing, particularly in an index, when you invest matters… a lot.

The problem with market timing: The other flawed investment choice given to investors is market timing. 

Market timing is the attempt to use a variety of technical tools to identify the highs and lows of the market as a whole… and shift money accordingly. 

A typical market timer will invest 100% in stocks when the market as a whole is supposedly going up, and then go 100% to cash when he or she thinks the market is about to crash.

The problem is, this is a very difficult strategy to pull off in the real world.  There are very few examples of anyone doing it very well for a prolonged period of time.

While it’s sometimes possible to predict market tops and avoid big selloffs, it’s much harder to predict the tiny handful of days when the market soars

And studies have shown that only a handful of up days account for up to 95% of market returns. 

The danger is that, by moving most of your money in and out of the market many times, you miss the big up moves and are always in danger of suffering through a crash.

The Turbo Trading Solution:
Locking In Short-Term Gains and
Compounding Your Profits!

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between “buy-and-hold” or market timing. 

There is actually a third way to invest in stocks that not only protects your money better than almost any other strategy… but also takes advantage of market volatility to deliver eye-popping annual returns.

The third option is short-term “turbo trading.”

You see, rather than investing 100% of your stock account with a buy-and-hold portfolio made of stocks or index funds…

Or investing 100% of your stock account with a dangerous market timing system…

Short-term “turbo trading” lets you invest small amounts, say just 10% of your total account, on short-term trades that last an average of only 30 to 90 days.

This is how we reduce risk in the market. 

This way, you’ll never lose your shirt, and you’ll still enjoy two double-digit gains a month…

I’ll tell you how we do this in just another moment. 

First, let me show you how this works in practice.

Turbo Trade #1: A Quick
12% Gain in 18 Days on Amazon

With Turbo Trading, the emphasis is on speed

Like an eagle that swoops down at just the right moment and grabs its prey, my team and I swoop in on stocks that are rapidly accelerating upward… take quick profits… and then fly off to the safety of cash. 

Here’s a typical example: 

Amazon (AMZN), a cash machine that was up 12% in April to June 2018.

We were able to get 80% of that move in one fifth of the time.

Our secret: we bided our time.

And waited.  

We recommended entering at $1,422 on April 9.

Earnings were a little over two weeks away.

Bezos rarely misses the quarterly numbers.

The market had given us a gift.

The stock soared back above $1,600 virtually overnight.

When the morning surge started to fade, we took our 12% profit after 18 days of “hard work.”

Here’s another example…

Turbo Trade #2: Another Quick 10% Gain
On Seattle Genetics, Inc. (SGEN)

This is a little more typical for us.

Nothing dramatic, no “high concept.”

We like the company’s cancer portfolio; every week takes us closer to the final FDA review and a binary all-or-nothing revelation.

But that’s going to take at least another year.

In the meantime, the stock is stuck on the biotech boom-and-bust rollercoaster.

The latest wave of good news from the clinical trials sent SGEN from $54 to $69 in early June.

Then the rollercoaster went down 9%, creating reasonable headroom.

We weren’t asking Seattle Genetics to break records on our watch.

All we needed to make good money was to retest the known high.

But how do you catch a falling knife?

For us, it was watching SGEN hit the bottom of its up-and-down cycle… and that bottom was well above the previous low of $61.27.

We recommended buying Seattle Genetics on June 19 at $64.70, still 6.5% below the known peak.

The first rebound cycle took us right to $67.29 and a fast 4% profit — amazing on an annualized basis, but not really big in real money terms.

Another week down and three weeks up turned that 4% into 10%.

We set a trailing stop to capture that 10% and held on.

Another dip and another upswing cashed us out.

10% in 36 days = 100% annualized, or a full year of the S&P 500 squeezed into five exhilarating weeks.

We took the loot and scooted.

Turbo Trade #3: A Longer Trade with 
22% on Computer Associates

Sometimes we give a “slow” trade a lot of patience, because we believe the story is strong enough to override sentiment within a reasonable period of time.

That was the story with Computer Associates (CA), a relatively “dull” high-tech stock far from the high-flying FANG world.

We followed the gentle, long-term ramp-up that came within 2% of breaking the stock’s all-time high. 

On March 9, we issued a buy recommendation at the dividend-adjusted price of $36.34.

That ramp topped out fast and we rode the downswing to $35, then held on for a few months while the bulls recovered.

By early June, we were back in the money.

Two weeks after that, the stock hit another record high, followed by two weeks of consolidation, followed by another leg up.

A pattern of rising lows and rising highs is no reason to sell unless you’re happy with the score you’ve run up. We held on.

On July 12, Broadcom (AVGO) offered $43.97 for CA, giving us an instant 22.7% profit… twice the S&P 500 annual return in a third of the time.

So, we took the money.

The Turbo Trading Difference:
Grab Two Big Winners
Each and Every Month!

And here’s the crucial part of all this: 

Overall, using this turbo trading platform over the last few years, our winners far exceed our losers, averaging 2 double-digit winners per month.

In one of my services that uses a similar approach…

Overall, these regular short-term profits — compounded — are enough to hand you an extra $79,000 in a year with a $100,000 account… growing into $1.1 million in just 48 months.

Now, how are we able to do this? What is our secret?

Well, there are many factors involved, but it all comes down to one simple idea: take the loot and scoot!

Unlike buy-and-hold investors, we are not looking to make ten times our money on a single stock. 

That sometimes happens, but it’s not our intent.

Instead, we aim to capture as many quick “sure thing” profits as we can over 30 to 90 days.

We call our approach “turbo trading,” because we emphasize speed.

So, here’s how we capture so many short-term gains consistently:

    1. We create a killer watch list of big opportunity stocks by focusing on those that have strong earnings growth.
    2. We look for stocks that have broken out of their normal trading range and are suddenly accelerating upwards in what we call a breakout

      We spot these stocks by monitoring their 200- and 50-day moving averages, and use technical tools such as the Relative Strength Indicator (RSI). This is when stocks move from our “watch” list to our “buy” list.

  1. We watch for special situations and catalyst events such as FDA approvals, buy-outs, and other reversal opportunities. 

But these three steps are not enough.

There are dozens of momentum trading systems out there that never come close to delivering the profits we do on such a consistent basis.

That’s because algorithms work great… until they don’t.

What sets us apart is a series of unique factors that lets us consistently bag double-digit profits and winners.

Turbo Factor #1: Undiscovered stocks offer quick-strike gains.

Anyone can track well-known companies. 

But we know that many of the opportunities for quick, low-risk profits come from companies most people have never heard of before.

We’re successful, because we usually get there before Wall Street… before the big institutions and hedge fund money.

By the time an undiscovered stock makes a breakout, we’ve been following it for months… sometimes years.

As a result, we’re able to swoop in, capture a short-term move, and grab profits quickly.

And the reason we’re able to find these undiscovered gems is because of…

Turbo Factor #2: Deep dive sector research reveals the truth.

My team and I are research fanatics… always on the lookout for new trends, new market niches, new sectors in the economy.

For example, we were in animal health way back in 2010… a huge trend that took off like a rocket. 

It’s how we found transportation logistics… the intersection of trucking and technology… another big sector.

It’s how we learned about Artificial Intelligence… and Big Data analytics… and biotech drugs for hospital infections.

It’s how we found Novo Nordisk (NVO)… the #1 diabetes company in the world…

And it’s how we heard about LivePerson (LPSN), the company that facilitates human conversations on the Internet for customer service.  

Once we learn about a new sector and the undiscovered companies that are about to cash in on it, there is something else that is important…

Turbo Factor #3: Kramer’s Crew:
We have real people who know how to find real profits.

It’s not enough to find a great undiscovered stock in a new industry. 

You also have to know what’s happening behind the scenes… that’s something only experience, connections and “street smarts” can give you.

And that’s where my team and I excel. 

Each of us has more than 30 years’ experience as professional traders and money managers, working for hedge funds and companies such as Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers.

And a lifetime of contacts gives us a significant advantage over black-box algorithm systems.

We hear about all the human details that the algorithms can’t pick up, things like spinoffs… takeovers…  mergers… key management changes…

When you put all of these things together – a superior momentum trading system with real-world street smarts – it ends up producing a constant stream of winners…

And that’s why I’ve prepared this special message for you today.

Introducing Turbo Trader:
An Elite Trading Service for Investors
Who Want An Extra Million Dollars
In Their Accounts

We’ve decided to take the winning methodologies from two of our best, most successful trading services, and combined them to create a brand-new, elite money-making service for a handful of serious investors.

We call this new trading service, naturally enough, Turbo Trader.

And it’s like nothing else on the market today. 

In a nutshell, I take a small group and feed them two double-digit winners each month (on average)… until they make a million dollars.

That’s right: 

No matter how much money you’re starting with, we’ll keep going…

We’ll keep piling one winner on top of the other, compounding our profits…

Until you have an extra $1 million in the bank.

We’ll keep feeding you winning trades for as long as you wish to continue. 

I can make this promise, because I know our unique turbo trading system has been consistently creating real-money profits since 2013.

And I know that gains like these, when allowed to compound, can make you six-figures in a year… and seven-figures in four years or more.

Now, it goes without saying that past performance is no guarantee of future results.

But these are the real world profits we’ve seen in the recent past that we are aiming to give you on a monthly basis…

A Zero-Risk Way to Get Starting
On Your Journey to $1 Million

The best part of Turbo Trader is that you can start small.  

As you gain confidence that the trades really do produce mounting profits, you can begin to slowly make bigger investments and build up your account. 

In practical terms, Turbo Trader is a way for you to copy what my team and I are doing in our own trading and advisory accounts. 

Most of the time, there is no big rush to get these trades done.

But, every once in a while, I’ll send out a flash alert – via text and email – urging you to make a trade right away.

There is no guesswork involved: You simply copy our trades in your own brokerage account, or read them out loud to your broker. 

Also, these trades fit any account size or investment goals. 

If you are very conservative, you can simply limit your trading to one trade every month or every 90- days. 

But if you’d like to supercharge your existing portfolio, you can follow all of our recommendations. 

You can take advantage of our 30 years’ experience as stock pickers, wealth managers and investment advisors — and simply do what we do.

A Conservative Approach to Building
Wealth That Also Lets You Sleep at Night

The other big benefit of Turbo Trader is peace of mind. 

Because we make a series of short-term stock trades over 30 to 90 days, you can keep the bulk of your money safe and secure in conservative investments.

We take small, calculated risks and never risk more than a small percentage of our trading capital on any one trade. 

This is what we do for a living – and we’re very good at it. 

For that very reason, you can count on me not to be reckless or take big chances.  

Also, this is not a huge time commitment – just three to four trades a month that take only five minutes to implement per trade, thanks to our easy directions.

You just enter the trades in your favorite online brokerage account or read them over the phone to your broker. It’s that easy.

And, to make sure you pocket those two double-digit wins per month that will propel you past the seven-figure barrier, I’m going to give you a revealing look inside my system, with an…

Exclusive Members-Only Resource:
The Turbo Trader Millionaire Handbook

Right off the bat, you get free access to my new report on “turbo trading” the “off-the-radar” market: The Turbo Trader Millionaire Handbook. 

This exclusive report is like watching over my shoulder while I’m trading. 

It’s not available on Amazon or eBay, and you won’t find it anywhere else on the Internet, either.

It’s available solely to my subscribers.

The Turbo Trader Millionaire Handbook gives you a crash course in the basics of turbo trading — finding surging undiscovered stocks with high volume — and reveals how to trace their profit potential.

This invaluable Quick-Start Guide gives you a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know to start profiting from these winning momentum plays, and get you up to speed with our turbo trading approach. You’ll discover:

In addition, The Turbo Trader Millionaire Handbook gives you a solid introduction to the fundamental, technical and “street” resources we use to consistently identify double-digit winners. 

After all, anyone can get lucky now and then. But real wealth comes from consistent winners, piling up profits on top of profits.

The Turbo Trader Millionaire Handbook also gives you a full overview of the advanced strategies we use to maximize your profits.

You’ll learn the best way to get into and out of these investments. 

And you’ll discover how you can make even bigger potential profits by waiting for just the right moment to buy into these stocks. 

I can’t tell you how many times my subscribers and I have made 10 times more money by waiting for the precise moment before pulling the trigger. 

I’ll tell you all about that.

And then, the money-making benefits really begin…

What You Get with My Brand-New
Turbo Trader Service

  1. You get specific trade recommendations you can put in place immediately — usually one per week, but at least two per month. 
  2. You get my precise, specific trading advice throughout the next 12 months. 

    I make sure all of my recommendations are easy to understand and simple to take action on. 

    For each and every trade, I tell you exactly what to buy… the prices I recommend… and the relative risks and potential rewards of each trade.
  3. Third, and most important, you get my crucial timing advice. 

I give detailed follow-up instructions on all of the momentum break-out trades and occasional reversal trades — with specific instructions on precisely when to get in, when to get out, and when to take your profits. 

Plus, you get my recommendations when (and only when) I see a major opportunity for you. 

And that’s not all. In addition, you get…

Now, I can’t tell you in advance when an opportunity will come up. 

Sometimes we just sit tight, waiting for the right moment to get into an undiscovered stock at just the right price.

Other times, we have a number of trades in quick succession.

We can go a week or two between trading alerts – and then you can receive several in one week, or even in a day.

For legal reasons, I cannot address your specific, personal financial situation. 

Yet I can, and do, answer questions about our recommendations and how you should go about making these trades. 

Take Advantage of Our Special
Charter Membership Offer

Now, I know what you may be thinking: This must cost a fortune! 

And it sure would, if I were one of those “2 & 20” hedge fund managers – getting 2% fees and 20% of the realized gains. 

But while Turbo Trader often generates profits that vastly exceed those of many hedge funds, we don’t and can’t charge anything close to that (certainly no performance fees). 

Instead, we charge a flat membership fee, and you don’t even have to pay that if all of our promises don’t come 100% true!

Normally, a momentum trading service like this would cost around $1,995 a year.

That sounds like a lot of money, but it’s not when you consider the kind of profits it generates.

That said, we decided we wouldn’t charge anything close to that for Turbo Trader.

For our special charter-membership drive, we’re going to let you join Turbo Trader risk-free for a special payment of…

Not 2% Fees & 20% Commissions…

Not the regular price of $1,995…

But only $995.

That’s right:

For just a couple of bucks per day, you can get a winning stock trade sent every week… with a minimum of two double-digit winners per month.

And we’ll keep feeding you these double-digit winners for as long as you wish to continue – until you have $1 million in your account or you tell us to stop!

Limited Time Charter Membership Offer
(Limited to 250 Subscribers)

This is a very intense “hands on” trading service. And that means I have to limit the number of people who can join.

I’ve decided to only offer 250 of these Charter Memberships at the reduced $995 price.

Once those 250 slots are taken, I’m afraid we’ll have to charge the regular annual price of $1,995 until the offer ends. So, that means joining today not only gives you immediate access to our current recommendations…

It also locks in the highly discounted $995 Charter Membership rate.

That’s a spectacular deal, given the exclusivity of this group… and considering you could easily recoup the total cost with just a single trade.

My advice is to take action now. Those slots won’t be available for long.

What’s more, if you act today, you can take advantage of…

My No-Risk Double Guarantee!

At this point, you’re probably wondering if all these big numbers I am throwing out could possibly be real.

(They are.)

You’re also probably wondering whether you can really make the same trades I do.

(You can.) 

And so that’s why I decided to create a unique double guarantee that, to me, is a no-brainer offer.

Guarantee #1 — Earnings Guarantee:

First, you will get not one but two double-digit winners (on average) every month, for the next year, rain or shine.

In the unlikely event you don’t? In that case, I’ll give you another entire year of Turbo Trader for free… a $1,995 value.

Plain and simple.

Yet, on top of Guarantee #1, you’ll also get…

Guarantee #2 – Zero-Risk 30-Day Trial

I’ll let you test-drive our Turbo Trader risk-free for 30 days. 

This is an expensive service geared towards people who want to make serious, consistent profits from trading stocks. 

As I said, it normally costs $1,995 per year, but I’ll let you try the system out on a trial basis with zero risk. 

If you click on the button below today, you can have a full 30 days to test out our trading recommendations (either with a demo account or with real money) without risk. 

Bottom line: your complete satisfaction is fully guaranteed for 30 days

Get Instant Access to Our Current
Turbo Trades and Save $1,000 Instantly

Turbo Trader is the simplest and best way I know to make $1 million.  

My staff and I provide you with everything you need to implement these trades, including detailed instructions… weekly updates… trading alerts… and answers to your questions. 

We do everything humanly possible to help you make serious profits quickly… and continue to compound your gains until you cross the $1 million mark. 

Please don’t just take my word for it. 

Here’s what a few of the people who have followed my trading recommendations have to say…

David T. wrote to tell me…

“So far I’m up 20% to 25% with your help in two Roth IRAs — $31,000 in one and $7,000 in the other. Thank you!”

Joe S. also wrote and told me…

“Thank you for my first win with you… Today I took your advice and booked $1,609 in profits.”

Fred R. was delighted by his fast profits…

“Bought NTNX at $2.81 below your recommended buy price and sold it today at $2.71 above your recommended sell price. 23.7% gain in just 10 days. I could get spoiled by this!”

Jon emailed me to say…

“I just renewed for two years. I like your approach, following smaller stocks for potential big gains. Easy to place orders and follow for a busy working person. Most services disappoint. Yours is a pleasant surprise.”

Eric V. also emailed me and he said…

“I subscribed to this service just a month ago and so far I’ve already made 20 times what I paid for the subscription.”

So, why not take action right now? 

You can get immediate access to our very latest current trades simply by clicking on the button below. 

Any one of these Turbo Trader recommendations could make you thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars over the next few months. 

When you look at it in those terms, a $995 membership fee that is fully refundable upon request (within 30 days) hardly seems like a major stumbling block.

Click on the button below now and let’s get started.

Yours for Bigger Profits More Often,

Hilary Kramer 
Editor, Turbo Trader

P.S. When those 250 slots are gone, you will have to pay full price ($1,995). So, I recommend you accept a risk-free 30-day test-drive today, save $1,000 instantly and lock in your super-low price right now…