Dear Investor,

I’m Hilary Kramer, Chief Technology Strategist for Eagle Financial.

After two decades on Wall Street, and retiring a multi-millionaire…

Bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars for my clients…

Bringing in billions as a private fund manager…

I’m here today with an urgent message:

A window of opportunity has just opened that has only appeared twice before.

It’s a rare shot at making a 7-figure haul…

And it’s for a Big Box company that’s revolutionizing retail.

While Amazon has had a great year…

This breakthrough retailer has walloped Amazon’s gains for much of 2020. Let me show you some highlights:

“This momentum isn’t slowing down, either,” according to my research and its past performance.

You’ve seen how fast it jumps in just a month or two…

My research says it could triple this 324% gain in the next 12 months.

Now, I don’t know of any other retailers leaving Amazon in the dust.

And under $20 a share, this Big Box is priced so low…

You can load-up on this millionaire-maker without tying-up large chunks of your retirement account.

And at the rate it soars… this Big Box could easily grow $5,000 into seven figures fast.

But you need to get in quick…

Because it’s temporarily undervalued… and the window to buy at a heavy discount could slam shut in the next 72 hours…

Why? For the first time in months, we’ve had a “gift” of a pullback…

Which hands us an unusual opportunity to “buy the dip”… before the stock resumes its skyward direction.

But why is there a dip? Isn’t this bad news?

Quite the opposite.

Even during this dip, this Big Box is so powerful, its year-to-date gains have more than tripled Amazon’s.

Yahoo! Finance said the dip is:

And another major publisher proclaimed that – even with the temporary dip – this Big Box’s stock “is very compelling.”

Look, this booming Big Box retailer is in the middle of a massive expansion to nearly triple their size…

That means HUGE long-term growth.

Businesswire applauded this Big Box in February for cutting the ribbon on six new stores, bringing its store total to over 200 stores in almost 40 states.

And there are still many more to go…

That’s one reason why Yahoo! Finance was very excited to say this Big Box’s numbers “…imply significant upside in the stock from here over the next 5 to 10 years.”

Here’s a couple of those numbers:

Even during this Big Box’s “dip,” it’s still overpowering Amazon’s share price gains by more than three times.

So, this Big Box’s price won’t stay down long. I’m certain it will resume its high-flying rally in less than a week…

Which means, you only have a short time to grab this red-hot investment I call “The Big-Box That Amazon Can’t Crush” at a bargain-basement price.

It looks like investors are about to get rich.

So, buy the dip in the next 72 hours… before this rocket of a stock lifts-off for its next leg-up. 

Now, maybe you’re wondering…

Why Does This Stock Keep Climbing So Fast?

First of all, this unique Big Box giant dominates brick-and-mortar retail.

Its number of stores continues to mushroom, while companies like Nordstrom’s, J.C. Penny, and Macy’s have been smashed into smoking piles of debris…

As I’ve mentioned, this red-hot retailer is the only growing giant that Amazon can’t stop. Why?

There are too many things Americans are unwilling to purchase online… like a bedroom set, large appliances, fine jewelry, greenery and plants…

Many of which this store is happy to supply folks like you and me…

And that keeps their profits pumping in… and their share price soaring.

But, at this rate of growth, your chance to “buy the dip” may be the last you see this year.

Look at What Happened Last Year
When It Dipped…

Remember how I said this Big Box was tripling the number of its stores?

Last year, this “triple-sized-expansion” was just getting started.

But paying for such a massive growth cut into short-term profits.

So, briefly, its price went down… becoming temporarily undervalued.

But that only created an opportunity for investors to buy the dip…

Barron’s and Seeking Alpha both agreed that the temporary low price meant an immediate buy for this Big Box retailer that Amazon can’t stop.

Sure enough, this Big Box rebounded from the dip with a vengeance…

And rocketed 121% in just over two months:

That’s why I say that when this stock takes a dip… it’s a “gift” for investors.

History proves it.

So, I suggest you follow what you know has worked before.

And if you want more proof of why you should buy the dip today…

Wall Street’s big money is piling into this company’s stock now, buying up shares in tremendous amounts.

Look at the big players like CAS, Vanguard, and BlackRock snapping-up millions of shares:

Shareholder’s Name Shares Owned (In Millions)
CAS Investment Partners, LLC 10.4
Prentice Capital Management 4.8
Vanguard Group Inc. 3.7
BlackRock Inc. 3.55
Dimensional Fund Advisors 2.1
Brightlight Capital Management 1.85
Grantham Mayo Van Otterloo & Company 1.7
Leonard Green & Partners, LP 1.4
State Street Corporation 1.3

The smart money knows that getting bargain-priced shares today is a down-payment on a wealthy tomorrow.

So, any time you see the big guns like CAS, Vanguard, and BlackRock taking large positions… you know you should follow the money and get this stock working in your portfolio now.

Even better… this Big Box is in “year two” of a six-fold revenue growth-spurt, according to the prestigious financial giant WestPeak Research.

And as I mentioned earlier, this major revenue growth is driven by their expansion plan that’s tripling their number of stores.

Think about that for a minute… Tripling their number of stores? And during the current state of brick-and-mortar retail?

Who does that?

That’s the 7-figure question:

Who Is This Retail Powerhouse…
And What Are They Disrupting?

It’s the kind of stock I call a “Picture-Perfect Disrupter.”

Why? Because they’re disrupting Amazon’s death-grip on the retail market…

And their share-price, year-to-date, is more than triple their online foe’s.

Since their share prices are lower, because of today’s temporary price-dip…

You don’t have to spend your entire nest-egg to get rich. At its undervalued price, a $5,000 investment can get you in cheap if you begin now… giving you the potential to amass a $1 million retirement portfolio in the coming years.

But just $5,000 into a million?

Well, in case you doubt a $5,000 investment in just one low-priced stock can give you a million-dollar retirement…

Look at the companies that made countless Americans enormously wealthy from a mere $5,000:

But even though Amazon returned an impressive $1.27 million…

Today, it’s being left in the dust by this revolutionary Big Box store.

Whose Stock Can Be Compared With
These Historic Money-Makers?

Each of the stocks we’ve just seen – Apple, Netflix, Priceline, Microsoft, and Amazon – are Picture-Perfect Disrupters.

High Praise From the “Who’s Who” of Investing
By Roger Michalski
Publisher, Eagle Financial

It seems the experts can’t get enough of Hilary.

The Financial Times calls her “A one-woman financial powerhouse.” The Economist calls her “One of the best-known investors in America.

She’s like a financial celebrity in the media: Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN, ABC. and Fox Business News are competing for her appearances.

Plus, you can read her regularly in MarketWatch and Forbes.

Hilary was groomed by the elite at Morgan Stanley and Lehman Brothers, making her first million at the tender age of 30.

Call it youthful exuberance, but she got very excited with making her clients rich… eventually growing their wealth to over $5 billion in funds.

She finally retired after two decades on Wall Street, with a personal wealth in the millions.

She’s since authored three books and has five investing services. Why, when she’s already achieved financial independence?

Her main goal is to help as many individual investors as possible burst through the seven-figure barrier to become millionaires.

Hilary says, “Wealth-building for my members is still the biggest thrill I get today. It’s a real rush for me to see someone struggling to save for retirement, and to suddenly turn everything around… and become a millionaire in just a handful of years!”

That’s Hilary, all the way. She’s one of a kind.

And getting in on the ground-floor of a Picture-Perfect Disrupter is the surest and easiest way I’ve seen to amass a million-dollar retirement account.

These powerful disrupters can change the course of your life. Their massive wealth generation can create a future for you where money struggles are no longer a problem. They generate enough wealth for you to live the rest of your life in luxury.

And by luxury, I mean you could experience life like you’ve only dreamed of until now… Like travel to any destination in America, Europe or Asia… transform your house into a mansion, or move into one… own the car you’ve always fantasized about… dine at the best places in town… play the top golf-courses… spend more time with the grandkids…

Money can make each of these possible for you.

As you’ve seen, all you need is a small investment in a Picture-Perfect Disruptive stock at the right time… and you can double or triple the gains of Amazon.

And as you’re about to see, this “Disruptive Big-Box Retailer That Amazon Can’t Crush” fits the bill to a “T.”

But how do you know what a Picture-Perfect Disrupter looks like while it’s undervalued?

How do we know it’s going to skyrocket?

Let me give you my definitive guide…

Your 5-Point Checklist for a “Picture-Perfect Disruptive Stock”

Imagine your ultimate dream stock… one that could give you the retirement of your dreams.

A single investment that could take care of you and your family with plenty of cash for the rest of your life.

For that, your investment would have to check all the same boxes that Apple, Netflix, Microsoft, and Priceline did, back when they bulldozed their industry leaders. Such a stock would have to…

  1. Have explosive revenue growth
  2. Expose their rival’s “Achilles Heel”… and then exploit that weakness for a competitive advantage
  3. Draw-in loyal customers with exclusive products not available anywhere else…
  4. Have a stock-price under $20… so you can load-up on plenty of shares at a low price, each one multiplying your wealth as you ride the stock price upwards.

But the fifth criteria is a secret many Main Street investors don’t consider when looking for a Picture-Perfect Disrupter:

  1. Your Picture-Perfect Disrupter must be an established company. Most investors don’t realize… disruptive stocks are seldom startups. Nor are they new kids on the block.

Instead, they’re proven. They’d have to be, in order to be disruptive and ready to upset their current market leaders. You’re not ready to disrupt anyone if you’re only doing business out of your garage:

In other words, none of these disrupters were startups.

Here you see them visually:

So, I think you and I can agree to this list: Picture-Perfect Disrupter stocks must have each of these five strengths: Explosive revenue growth, take advantage of their competition’s weakness, have unique products not available elsewhere, a low stock-price, and they must be established.

Which means if this Big Box retailer is a credible threat to break Amazon’s stranglehold on the retail market… it, too, must have all five.

And as you’re about to see… it matches each one of them:

Plus, customers rave about the stores’ unique layout and navigation… It’s like a treasure hunt – something new around every corner.

Yet in-store directories make it easy to locate whatever a customer wants.

Plus, this layout has the desirable effect of needing less staff, thus less personnel costs, increasing this Big Box’s profits.

But even more importantly, if you’re not satisfied, you can drive it back to the store. You don’t have to suffer the torture of returning a living room set through the mail to Amazon.

As we saw earlier, $5,000 in a Picture-Perfect Disrupter can become millions.

But there’s something giving this Big Box an even stronger edge:

They’ve established a high-tech direct sourcing system for direct factory purchasesrather than purchasing through agents or trading companies.

This is a staggering development for a retail store, one that even Amazon can’t match. It means…

This Big Box has cut-out the middle-man, substantially boosting their profit margins!

I know of no other retailer in existence that has done this.

This gives this disruptive Big Box retailer a highly cost-effective competitive advantage over Amazon, because it improves international sourcing efficiency, flexibility, it reduces product costs

And it broadens the company’s access to unique and quality products.

This kind of powerful infrastructure gives the Big Box something Warren Buffet calls a “wide moat:” A barrier to competition that is nearly unassailable, giving them a competitive advantage that is nearly impossible to challenge.

This allows them to create products that sell at prices consumers like…

While still creating ample margins for company profits – and handsome returns for investors… while undercutting any competitors.

By doing so many things right, and going from strength to strength, it’s no wonder Amazon can’t touch them.

Besides, Amazon shows signs of slipping. As you’re about to see, it’s certainly in a position to lose market share to this Big Box.

It may surprise you to hear…

Amazon’s Having Their Struggles

Two Ways Amazon Faces Stock-Price Doomsday

Amazon’s biggest danger is their own business model.

Instead of acting like a blue-chip giant, making profits and paying dividends…

They act like a growing business by reinvesting their profits into the company… by buying more retail market shares. So, they slash prices to devastate the competition, hold massive product launches, and other costly endeavors that ultimate dominate a market.

That’s fine, until you finally do dominate a market… and there’s little or no market shares left to gobble up. And you have to do a radical shift, and take profits.

In retail, Amazon gets closer to complete domination every day.

This sets up two doomsday scenarios where Investopedia warns Amazon’s share prices will have a “steep tumble” if:

1. Investors lose faith that Bezos will be able to continue gaining market shares with new product launches…

2. Amazon reverses course, and starts taking profits instead of market growth…

And when Amazon’s entire business model is forced to do a radical turn… its stock could crash like it’s 2008.

This may come as a shock to some investors… at least those who think their cash is secure in Amazon.

But let’s face it…

Amazon’s getting a little long in the tooth. A few cracks are showing… just waiting for an opportunistic store to exploit those cracks and break them wide-open.

So, what problems is Amazon experiencing?

And just like Netflix picked-off video rental stores…

And Apple picked-off the flip-phone…

And Priceline picked-off travel agencies…

A disruptive company has emerged that’s picking away at Amazon’s weaknesses… a Big Box retailer with fresh, exciting, and unique strategies that Amazon can’t hope to duplicate… giving this Big Box competitive advantages over Amazon. (More on this in a moment.)

You need to know…

This Big-Box is “On the Move,”
Disrupting the Retail Market

If you’re quick, you can catch it while it’s still undervalued.

Simply follow the directions in my special guide, which I want you to have FREE. It gives you everything you need to start building riches as soon as tomorrow. It’s called, The Disruptive Millionaire-Maker: The Big-Box Amazon Can’t Crush.  

You’re about to find out how this company is paving the path to seven-figure wealth for thousands of investors today:

This report comes at a time when Target, J.C. Penny, and Macy’s are on the brink of bankruptcy, or closing stores…

While this Big Box is expanding with brand new locations popping up in different states across America.

But There’s a Catch:

You’ll have to move fast to catch this stock at such a low price.

It’s only artificially down for a short time as they’re in a dip.

This low share price is like a temporary weight pushing down a coiled spring. When the expenses from the expansion let go, the spring will bounce upwards to the roof…

Meaning the stock price of this Big Box is set to snap back up to its soaring growth fundamentals.

Getting in at this price now is like getting into Netflix, when it started streaming videos online, disrupting Blockbuster….

And grew 1,060% in just four and a half years.

But that was only one leg of their journey towards a stunning 22,770% gain… turning a $5,000 investment into $1.25 million:

Or it’s like when Microsoft disrupted “command line” computing with a graphic interface (Windows)… putting it on a four and a half-year path to a 957% gain…

Eventually topping out at 31,790%… turning a ground-floor $5,000 investment into $1.59 million:

Investing at a low price in an undervalued, disruptive technology, getting these kinds of profits, gives you the power to change your life forever.

It’s why I’ve devoted 10 years to my top service… it relentlessly researches, tracks, and plays undervalued disruptive stocks. It’s called Value Authority.

It’s America’s premier service to get you in on the next undervalued growth stock… as was once Netflix… Apple… Microsoft… or Priceline.

And if you download my free investing guide now, The Disruptive Millionaire-Maker: The Big-Box Amazon Can’t Crush, you could start generating wealth by this time tomorrow. 

It’s no cost for you. I’ll even throw in…

A 30-Day No-Obligation Preview to My
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My Value Authority is complexly different from other value investing strategies…

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How many times have you looked back and regretted not investing in Apple… Amazon… Microsoft… or Netflix?

Please… I don’t want you looking back five years from now and kicking yourself for not investing in this Picture-Perfect Disrupter.

But in case you’re afraid to invest, please understand… for anyone over 50, living in fear is a fast-track to the poorhouse…

There are only so many chances you get for a mammoth potential return like this Big Box offers.

If you pass on obvious good investments, you could find yourself without enough money for your retirement… and facing growing taxes, inflation, and medical bills…

Not to mention the missed opportunities by not being in the market when you could have gotten life-changing returns.

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Hilary Kramer
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