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Fellow Investor,

Please — whatever you do — don’t even think of dumping your tech stocks.

Just because the tech sector sold off after Pfizer’s positive vaccine news spurred buying in cyclical stocks, doesn’t mean you should abandon the tech sector.

That would be a fool’s move. Now is the time to be buying tech, not selling.

You have every right to doubt what I say, as Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google have been trading lower. But take it from me, that will be short-lived.

Vaccine or no vaccine, COVID-19 will be with us for some time to come, along with lockdowns and the new trend towards a global stay-at-home workforce. 

Tech will be the biggest beneficiary of all, just as it has been throughout 2020. 

Just because you see a bump in cycles coming on the news of vaccines on the horizon, doesn’t mean that the sector’s revenue growth will match the tech juggernaut.

What makes me so sure?

I’ve been at this game for over 30 years. I’ve witnessed firsthand the Tech Wreck of 2000, the Financial Crisis of 2009, the Flash Crash of 2010, the short-lived bear market of 2011, and the Global Stock Market Downturn of 2018.

Each time we’ve been able to target the stocks that will come roaring back.

This current situation is one I’ve seen so many times. It’s almost predictable, because, in the end, tech always comes roaring back.

In a moment, I’m going to tell you about my No. 1 Value Stock for 2021… and how its breakthrough technology will defy the collapse and give you the chance to turn $10,000 into $12,000, $13,000, even $15,000 or more over the next 12 months by adding it to your holdings now — as the rest of Wall Street looks the other way.

Before we dive in, you should know a bit about me… and my track record for finding these kinds of wealth-building opportunities.

To begin, I’ve been very blessed with an amazing career in the financial markets, with historic gains as a trailblazing equity investor.

I’m proud to say that I not only graduated top of my class at Wharton Business School, but I was one of the youngest graduates of the MBA program in the 175-year history of the school.

I started as a research analyst at Morgan Stanley until word got out that I was spotting early-stage companies long before anyone else and leveraging small stock moves into big profits.

My success snowballed from there, founding and running a long-short hedge fund and becoming an investment officer overseeing debt and equity portfolios.

Then, in 2010, I launched my first financial advisory to share my investment recommendations with individual investors.

Today, more than 100,000 people turn to me every week for powerful investment returns through my GameChangers, Value Authority, High Octane Trader, Turbo Trader, IPO Edge, and 2-Day Trader advisories… while I manage more than $5 billion in assets.

But if my name sounds familiar, you may be one of the millions who have seen my market commentaries in the Wall Street Journal… New York Post… Bloomberg… Reuters… or Forbes.

Or read one of my best-selling investment books, Ahead of the Curve, The Little Book of Big Profits from Small Stocks or my new book, GameChanger Investing: How to Profit from Tomorrow’s Billion-Dollar Trends which made the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon’s #1 bestseller’s list.

Or you may have seen me on Fox News as a commentator for more than 20 years, as well as a columnist there… or my regular appearances on ABC, CBS, CNN, Yahoo Finance, and Bloomberg.

You see, I am the one they call on to explain what’s happening in the market… and then connect the dots to where the big money is being made.

Today I’m going to give you an inside look at my No. 1 Value Stock to buy now… and why it could triple your money or more in the next 12 months.

But, first, let me explain why 2021 will be a great year for our stocks.

Especially our No. 1 tech stock. Let me explain…

The financial media is pushing the narrative that a COVID-19 vaccine is “bad news” for technology stocks. The financial media is dead wrong.

Since the lockdowns started in March, the virus accelerated a global digital transformation that has allowed millions of people to not only work from home, but go to school and even receive medical care — all remotely.

Fact is, even with a vaccine on the horizon, this trend is not going to reverse itself as companies around the world count up all the money they are saving by having workers work from home.

That’s why we see these stay-at-home tech stocks continuing to rise whether a vaccine is developed or not.

Thanks to the vaccine-driven sell-off, you will be able to buy them at prices you may not see for years.

My No. 1 Value Stock could be the biggest profit taker of all.

The reason is simple.

This company is making money hand over fist in the hottest sector on the planet: Artificial Intelligence (AI) — where thinking machines create new software, new hardware, and business applications in minutes — without human input that can be affected by the coronavirus.

Insiders are calling this the greatest profit opportunity of the century.

That’s because AI isn’t just a game changer; it’s the game changer. It’s set to create a whole new batch of millionaires.

And, if you get in on the ground floor of this now, you can become one of them.

This is the profit opportunity we’ll be looking at today: how thinking computers can solve problems and create new applications without any human interaction.

My No. 1 Value Stock for 2021 is at the forefront of it all. They’re already harnessing this game-changing technology and turning it into profits.

Those who invest now will have the chance to become 30%, 40%, even 50% richer in the next 12 months. Those who hold for the long term could turn $10,000 into as much as $50,000… or more.

If you are interested in racking up these kinds of gains, I invite you to spend the next 20 minutes with me looking at this incredible opportunity.

Because the profit at hand could be far greater than those we’ve seen generated by some of the most profitable stocks of our time. You know their names well.

As you’re about to discover, the profit potential my No. 1 Value Stock for 2021 offers you could make these past breakthroughs and profits look like chump change.

That’s because AI is like having a radar that sees into the future. It’s where AI, machine learning, and predictive modeling meet — and automation automates itself in just minutes.

For example…

This just scratches the surface of the impact AI will have across all sectors. That’s because AI technologies can produce business solutions to previously unsolved business problems across all sectors.

It’s going to generate trillions in new wealth over the next 10 years.

I’m not the only one who says this. Billionaire and Shark Tank investor, Mark Cuban, says the same thing:

“I am telling you, the world’s first trillionaires are going to come from somebody who masters AI and all its derivatives, and applies it in ways we never thought of.”

He’s speaking, of course, of the convergence of AI, machine learning, and big data.

Together, they will launch a new industrial revolution, catapulting the world into a new age of profits, productivity, and competition the likes of which mankind has never seen before.

That’s because, thanks to AI, machines can now learn through experience, the same way people do.

We’re right at the tipping point where machines begin thinking for themselves — independently, creatively, and with judgment.

This is how IBM’s Watson gave a correct diagnosis for a Japanese leukemia patient after doctors were stumped for months.

All by sifting through 20 million cancer research papers and generating a diagnosis in just 10 minutes.

We expect AI to be just as effective in looking for cures and vaccines for the deadly coronavirus.

Watson represents the perfect example of what the convergence of AI, machine learning, and big data offers every business on the planet.

From self-driving cars… to robots… to stock trading… to speech recognition… to insurance underwriting… to drug creation… to human resources and recruiting… to mining medical records to find new cures — you name it.

This is why Apple, Google, Baidu, Microsoft, and Amazon are investing heavily in AI technologies — and why you should, too.

You see… thanks to AI, once you get ahead of your competition, there may be no way they can keep up.

That’s because you’ll have a lead your competitors can never catch up with. Your company’s computers will continue to outthink, outfox, and outsell your competitors.

As Dr. Pedro Domingos, author of The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World, puts it, “He who learns fastest, wins…”

Nobody understands this better than Russian president Vladimir Putin, who has said, “Whoever becomes the leader in this sphere will become the ruler of the world.”

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff would agree.

His company just rolled through another monster quarter, with revenues up 25% to $2.68 billion.

All thanks to the AI technologies the company has built directly into its sales, service, marketing, and commerce platforms.

The bottom line is this: Artificial Intelligence is the final chapter in the technology arms race.

That’s why governments and corporations across the world are spending billions of dollars to develop these technologies right now — and for another good reason.

McKinsey & Company estimates that AI will generate $11 trillion in wealth by 2025. PWC sees it generating more wealth: $15 trillion of value in the next 10 years!

They know that, if they wait, they’ll miss out on a share of the $15 trillion pie that’s on the table… and wish they had gotten in early.

To fully understand just how big this opportunity is, you need only look at America’s first game changer, Microsoft, which led the PC revolution.

A $10,000 investment in the early days of Microsoft would now be worth $9,225,800. Even $1,000 invested back then would be worth nearly $1 million — $925,800, to be exact.

That’s why all the big tech giants — Apple, Google, Baidu, Microsoft, and Amazon — are investing heavily in AI technologies — and why you should, too.

They know that AI will create more wealth than any other innovation in history; more than the steam engine, electricity, the automobile — even more than the Internet.

How can it not?

For the first time in history, we are seeing the AI technologies that combine, evaluate, and forecast millions of bytes of information from thousands of sources — all in real time.

More than that, they formulate improved outcomes and profits.

Apple, Amazon, and Facebook have already begun to embed early stages of this technology in the products we use every day. You’ll find it in Apple’s Siri assistant, Amazon’s book recommendations, Facebook’s news feed, and Spotify’s music discovery playlist.

It’s no wonder that the Wall Street Journal sees AI shaping up as “the next industrial revolution, poised to rapidly reinvent business, the global economy, and how people work and interact with each other.”

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos says the same thing: “It’s hard to overstate how big of an impact it’s going to have on society over the next 20 years.”

We’re just at the beginning of this revolution…

The list goes on and on.

As Forbes concurs, in the next 10 years, AI will be everywhere…

“…gradually filtering into all aspects of our lives, from security checks at the airport to enhanced user experience and self-checkout cash registers.”

The wealth this will create will be in the trillions of dollars.

Here’s the thing:

There is no AI revolution without software that is driving the revolution. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the “picks and shovels” that bring the gold to market. That’s why companies that are at the forefront of this revolution will gain a superior advantage over those that don’t.

Which is why, to paraphrase Dr. Domingos, “He who implements convergence the fastest, wins.”

My No. 1 Value Stock for 2021 fits this description to a T.

And it’s all because the company’s AI learning applications, running over millions of computers, can solve numerous complex business problems across all industries.

Improving predictions and forecasts by not only testing millions of potential outcomes then pre-selecting the best ones to implement. Outcomes that would have taken years to predict and test… yet can now be accomplished in minutes.

None of which is impacted by the coronavirus.

What this company has created here is one of the most revolutionary technologies I’ve seen in my 30+ years of covering this sector: a predictive engine that helps business managers maximize business outcomes by recommending optimal decisions that apply directly to their goals.

Solutions that can apply to virtually every business and industry on the planet!

This is how the company generated $16 billion over the past 12 months.  All thanks to the corporate American and the world recognizing the advantage AI gives them over their competitors. 

This is why Wall Street’s biggest institutional investors and mutual funds have gone all in to the tune of nearly $1 billion.

Just take a look at this chart:

You have big name players like BlackRock…Vanguard… and State Street Corporation that have all taken billion dollar positions in this company.

You can see BlackRock has over 52 million shares…

Vanguard has over 43 million shares…

State Street Corporation has over 23 million shares…

And those are just the top institutional investors.

As you can see, the top mutual fund holders are also big name players — names you recognize.

Vanguard alone holds over 30 million shares spread out over three different funds.

Why so much?

Because they see, as we do, this company is grabbing the lion’s share of profits from the AI revolution.

You need only look at the company’s $16 billion annual sales, winning business model, and 14 P/E to begin to see what the big money sees: an incredible value play on the forefront of the world’s leading technology that’s set to triple your money in the next 12 months.

Here’s the thing:

They’re not the only ones that see another big breakout value play in the making; 21 top analysts do as well, with 15 of them rating the company a buy and six others rating it a strong buy.

Here’s the best part:

Nobody in the financial media is talking about this company. They are only writing about the coronavirus, hand sanitizers, and the disruptions in the supply chain.

So it’s completely off the radar…

The only reason I know about it is because I’ve been a Wall Street insider for the past 30 years.

Because I’m in direct contact with the key players on Wall Street, I can tell you with unparalleled certainty that this is THE COMPANY they are targeting for triple-digit gains and 10-bagger profits over the long term.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you more or give you the company’s name here.

That’s because the hedge funds and institutions follow me closely. Naming it here would make it impossible for you to get it at my buy price.

You see, once they know I’m investing here, they often jump in behind me and bid the stock price higher.

That’s why I’ve compiled everything you need to know about this company in a special briefing called The #1 Value Stock of 2021 that I will send you at the end of this message.

In it, you’ll learn everything you need to know to profit from this new digital revolution: How Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and big data will create trillion-dollar wealth for those who embrace it… Why our No. 1 company will be the biggest money maker of all.

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Hilary Kramer 
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P.S. I simply can’t stress this enough.

With many state and local governments mandating that Americans stay at home, AI technologies will not only serve as the backbone of a sequestered workforce but continue to rise in value.

This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor as this company continues to move forwards.