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ETFs Aren’t Always the Way to Play Exotic Themes

December 14, 2018

With the S&P 500 building a base and the VIX receding once again to historically normal levels, I’m seeing hints of the new market status quo. Conventional investments have a lot of work ahead of them. For instance, half the members of the elite Dow industrials, including the mighty Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), are 10 percent depressed […]

The Yield Curve Rocks Stocks but Follow the Fed

December 7, 2018

We’ve all heard a lot of talk this week about Treasury yields setting off a recession. I can confidently say that the immediate threat is exaggerated. After all, I’ve lived through partial inversions that took years to turn into recessions, making lots of money in the market along the way. Most of us have. I’m […]

Why Value Shines When Volatility Picks Up

November 30, 2018

While it can feel like the market has been going straight down since the quarter started, a look at the actual numbers tells us that the feeling is more a factor of sentiment than of substance. Volatility has been a little higher than what Wall Street has become used to after years of record calm. […]

FANG Has Fractured, But Here’s the Real Falling Knife Sector to Avoid

November 23, 2018

It is a cold season for technology investors who hoped that the same handful of stocks that have led the market up since 2014 would keep rallying forever. The mighty have fallen. Key sector benchmarks like the Technology Select Sector ETF (NYSE:XLK) have dropped 15 percent since Sept. 30, with Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) down a harrowing […]

Old Cannabis Has Crashed, Time for the Second Wave

November 16, 2018

Canada has legalized cannabis from coast to coast. In the United States, three additional states just voted to relax their regulations, opening up another 20 million potential consumers while tipping Attorney General Jeff Sessions, one of their greatest detractors in Washington, out of power. While it should be a golden age for green boom investors, […]

The FANG Stocks Have Fractured, But Growth Rolls on Elsewhere

November 9, 2018

Clouds are gathering across Silicon Valley. From Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) down to cult favorites like Roku (NASDAQ:ROKU) and Square (NYSE:SQ), high-tech heavyweights have warned that growth is slowing. Frankly, they can’t justifiably blame trade policy, interest rates or even a strong dollar for this phenomenon. Across the technology sector, sales for 2019 are […]

After Apple Corrects, Look for Real Market Leadership

November 2, 2018

With the biggest stock on Wall Street down more than 10 percent in five weeks, it is time investors cut through the chatter and face a few simple facts. It’s getting icy out there. Out of the 5,000 stocks I track, 3,000 are already in formal bear market mode, down 20 percent or more from […]

Now Amazon Falls: How Bad Are 3Q Earnings Really?

October 26, 2018

If we were on the day-to-day noise, the present situation looks like the worst earnings season of the year. Over the course of the past month, the S&P 500 is down 7 percent, the Nasdaq has logged a full 10 percent correction and 85 percent of all stocks have lost ground. In just 22 trading […]

The FANG Isn’t Distorting Wall Street as Much as You Think

October 19, 2018

Big technology casts a vast lopsided shadow across the modern market. Counting gigantic Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) in with the famous “FANG” group of dot-com darlings, just six companies have swelled up to the point where they command a full 15 percent of all the money flowing through the entire S&P 500. For perspective, […]

Watch Your Back, Amazon: Sears Could’ve Eaten Your Lunch

October 12, 2018

Even in the best of times, the retail cycle is cruel. Margins are tight, discounts can tempt even the most loyal shoppers and chain after chain has destroyed itself grabbing more market share than it could profitably handle. In other words, defeat emerges from the jaws of victory with shocking regularity. The situation makes the […]

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